Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rosie introduces another lady


14 faithful rolled into Dogwood Dell for a cool summer beatdown.  YHC hasn’t had the Q at Dogpile in a while so there were a lot of things to do plus a look at the exercise list have me some ideas too.


Mosey to the first Circle for COP

10 Abe Vigodas-  1 burpee

20 Seal Jacks – 2 burpees

15 arm circles foward/Reverse sobriety style – 3 burpees

20 Hillbillies with optional Jville hop – 4 burpees

15 dancing chilcutts – 5 burpees

Mosey to the pull up bars for a modified Cindy – 5 pull ups/10 merkins/15 squats repeato until Q says stop.   10 minutes today

Mosey down the pipeline.  Partner up for a couple pipeline runs.   Round 1 break dancers until your partner gets back,  round 2 captain Thor until your partner returns.   

Mosey to Hate Hill.  Audibles needed here for time,  exercises ended up as inch worms, duck walk,  russian soldiers.

Mosey to amphitheater.  Makthar N’diaye for the 6.  4 step ups alternating legs to the top.

Flutter kicks x 20, dollies x 25

Back to the flag.

COT, Wilson took us out.



The PAX was strong today with maximum mumblechatter directed toward Cindy.  Apparently the ladies YHC introduces to the PAX are not well liked: Sally, Nicole and now Cindy.  Knowing that I am sure they will make a return visit at some point.  Upchuck and Honeydo were pounding out the pull ups while discussing their dislike of Cindy whether she had a connection to YHC or not.  Cindy is a full 20 min under the official list but YHC had to many other things planned to do that. 

Break dancers made their way back into a Q after being introduced by Sippy some months ago.  Also the real Captain Thor with escalating 1:4 counts.   YHC enjoys that pipeline loop but pushed a little hard trying to catch up with the PAX.

The original plan called for an animal kingdom Hate Hill but audibles were needed to speed our way up the hill to get to the amphitheater.  

Singlet continues to post and crush it despite being on the road 5 days a week.  Keep pushing brother, you know you are getting stronger.

The Carpenter posted after an excellent VQ on Tuesday at Daville.  We discussed the lack of sleep and adrenaline rush you get when Q.  Especially the VQ.  I expect a few more of the Daville men will be picking up Q’s once they get a few more workouts under their belt.

2nd F at ETs was great as always with a Starsky from TYA.

Great job today men a pleasure to lead such a good group.

Until next time.



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  1. Sorry to have missed. However greatly appreciated running into BT and Wilson on their way out…you guys gave me the boost I needed.

  2. Great Q Rosie and these new ladies you are introducing keep getting worse. My arms are smoked. I had fun at ETs good just to hang out without rushing out!!

  3. Great Q Rosie. Yeah Cindy must have dumped you like a hot rock. I did see Saab running at a very fast pace. Nice job fellas.

  4. Honey Do RVA on

    I look forward to seeing all 20 minutes of Cindy someday, along with her brother Murph at some point.

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great job guys – sorry to miss y’all and Cindy this morning ….

  6. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Love to hate Love Hill. That thing is always tough. Well done, Rosie. That was a solid beatdown.

  7. I hate love hill but its always fun to almost splash Merlot early in the morning!!!