Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who’s got the Q…Everyone


4 redwoods stood strong at SOT after a night a heavy storms and power outages for some.   No one on the Q sheet so YHC started us off for a hot potato Q.


Mosey to the front of the school for COP.

SSH, Hillbillies, Peter Parkers,  LBCs

Mosey to the side of the school with high knees and butt kickers.

Partner up for Like Hill with broad jump burpees, Russian soldiers and walk out merkins.

Lugnut Q – Mosey to basketball court for 11s. Merkins and LBCs.  1 suicide all out.

Wilson Q –  Mary:  cross leg lifts,  Rosalitas, APD, dollies, American Hammer,  crunchy frog

Bobber Q – half court to sideline 5 Bobby Hurleys/Moses Malones down to 1.  16 monkey humpers IC, peoples chair x2.  Mosey to hill by the track for Hill Crawls.  Bear crawl to top 5 merkins,  crawl bear down 4 merkins down to 0.  Back to flag for ring of fire: 2 rounds, merkins and dealers choice.


Lugnut almost didn’t make it today since all his alarm devices were powerless after last nights storms but his power came back on at exactly 0430 reminding him to wake up and post to SOT.  YHC thought it was only Lugnut and I again but a few minutes before we started Wilson and Bobber rolled in to double our numbers.

A little confusion on Like Hill with a couple non-Dogpile regulars, reminded me that I haven’t seen Fudd recently with all the new AOs.  Bobber created a new twist on curb crawls with the hill crawls.  That was a beast and who knew 16 Monkey humpers IC would be so difficult.  Wilson and I thought we were going to be dry for the day after staying on the basketball courts for a few rounds but Bobber thought otherwise and made sure we got into the wet grass for the hill crawls.

Great job with the hot potato Q today men.


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  1. That was a great workout. Glad I woke up! I have visions of a Bobber Q……..tough and dirty! LOL