Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Today’s magic # is 4 !


9 veterans and 1 FNG posted this morning for WDOG and here is how we rolled…

Warm up: 20 SSH, 10 Windmills, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Helicopters, 10 forward and backward Arm Circles 20 LBC’s.

Carillon Steps: Partner wheelbarrow carries up the steps – at the top lunge across run back down switch .. Everyone wheelbarrows 3 times up  for total of 6 and 6 lunges across per partner.

Pull ups : 4 overhand – 4 merkins repeat 3 times –  4 underhand 4 merkins repeat 3 times

Amp Theatre : Dips ladder going down 18-1 – Partner leg toss 3 sets of 20 – back up the ladder 4 incline merkins at each of the 18 steps.

Burpee Shuffle : shuffle feet 1 burpee each time it’s called around the circle.

Ring of Fire : 10 merkins each while holding plank around the circle.

Mossy to the flag..

Great job today guys – it was a pleasure to lead this morning. Welcome to  Back Bay..Good to see Flipper back out after a long vacation. Did you see the F3 signs this morning – thanks to Bleeder they were up @ Dogpile/WDOG… Signs look great and will be distributed to all of the AO’s around town.

The partner  wheelbarrow carries up the steps was a great way to get warmed up this morning and the pax made it look easy.. TYA and Bleeder flew up the steps EF Hutton crushed it, and of course Hardywood laughed at the lunges 🙂  We are all getting stronger at the pull up station – great progress guys let’s keep pulling… YHC told Bleeder – no need for bike there will be limited running and plenty of upper body work so Bleeder came on out without the bike and crushed the upper body work as well as did a good job mossying from station to station  – atta baby Bleeder. YHC, TYA, Circle K, Splinter were all happy for less running and more upper body this morning since we run on Wed afternoon’s although Splinter commented after the workout that since he’s been back in action we have done pull up’s 3 out of the 4 days so he was feeling it… Atta baby Splinter!

Everyone loves to finish a work out with a burpee shuffle and a ring of fire – YHC loves to hear the pax encouraging the pax on as we all push through.. Proud to be a member of F3RVA!

Thanks to Circle K for taking us out this morning – well said bro!

All are welcome to come out to Hillcrest 5:30 run this afternoon – beverages after the run @ TYA’s so bring yourself and some cold ones ..

BRR – 43 days to game day – can’t wait to come out of that tunnel – aye!!!

See y’all this afternoon or in the gloom…


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  1. Döner Kebab on

    Was Splinter’s partner a full step further apart from Splinter than the rest of the erect partners during the step wheelbarrows?

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Erect? I didn’t see that term in the backblast nor did I notice it at the workout. Settle down DK

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great workout swirly. Enjoyed the wheelbarrows as well. Thought they would suck, but didn’t.

    Nice afternoon for a jog! See you all there.

  4. Tall jokes never get old. Kind of like short jokes, fartsack jokes, or short jokes about those who fartsack but still make comments on backblasts.

  5. Love a Swirly Q. 3rd post since I came back. And glad to be back. Darker in the morning… I feel faster in the Dark