Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Road to the White House


15 men stormed into the Atlee High School parking lot in the 83 degree heat at 5:30 AM. The GLOOM was hot and humid for sure! The theme for the workout was “Road to the White House.” This road is a race with many stops, bumps and turns along the way. You have to compete to win and victory requires vigilance. In this workout, the fight was against yourself.



Mosey over to the basketball court. Lab Rat poked fun at The Carpenter due to his first Q and that prompted The Carpenter to turn up the heat on the workout.

101 SSH (as opposed to the original plan of 50), 15 Merkins, 20 Don Quixotes, 15 arm circles

Mosey to the main road.

Campaign this!

Run the campaign by going from stop to stop on the campaign trail. The trail is from the edge of the parking lot to the far gate. Run and stop at every light (15 lights total) along the way to do 5 merkins. Celebrate at the gate with 20 burpees and then plank up to wait. Run the campaign back by running and stopping at every light (15 lights total) to do either 5 incline merkins or 5 decline merkins. Finish at the starting point by doing 50 LBCs and plank up.

Mosey over to the bus loop.

Battleground States

Fight for the battleground states – Virginia, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina

Runs the bus loop while stopping to fight (yourself) in the battleground state for votes.

  • First stop – Virginia – 10 jump squats
  • Second stop – Ohio – 20 werkins
  • Third stop – Florida – 20 dips
  • Last stop – North Carolina – 30 2 count mountain climbers

Mosey to the flag in front of Chickahominy Middle School.

Final campaign stretch

Partner up at the flag pole. Carry your partner as far as possible then switch. Stagger until reach the parking lot and then run to the shovel flag.

Vote Count

20 count American hammers

20 count flutter kicks

30 count Alabama prom date

Ring of fire – plank and hold while each person runs around the ring.

Finish with the COT. The Carpenter took us out (“There is only one July 26th, 2016. Today is a gift that only comes once. May we go out and be all that God has called us to be with His strength”).


Happy Birthday to Lab Rat’s son.

This was the first Q for The Carpenter and he came with a election year theme. The men did not declare party affiliation. They put their energy into the workout instead.

6 men rolled into the parking lot in a van together. Others showed up on their bikes or cars. The rally cry was issued as everyone came together. The COP seemingly started like a normal DaVille start. Lab Rat issued some commentary on The Carpenter’s talking and that triggered some competition. It had been reported that a workout in Florence, SC featured 100 SSHs. The Carpenter decided to beat that number by 1 and led 101 SSHs as a start. The chatter grew as the PAX ran over to the road.

The PAX engaged in a strong run with merkins. Psycho arrived late and ran to the back of the high school to find everyone. He could have turned around and went home but persevered to find the crew. Lab Rat continued to talk all along the way. He must have enjoyed not Q’ing the morning. As always, Abacus brought enthusiasm and the heat. Once again, Furball and Loogie did fought through the workout and pushed through.

The team cranked through the heat and humidity for a solid workout. They all achieved a swim workout through the humidity along with the workout.

We continue to pray for Emoji’s wife as she undergoes chemotherapy. In addition, the team is looking to make a strong presence at the Reese Strong 5K on Saturday, September 17th (http://www.reesestrong.org/reesestrong-5k/).

The Carpenter Out!


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    One word: WOW!!!

    101 ssh is ridiculous. Love it.

    Lab rat talking. Say it ain’t so.

    A 6 person clown car. That is a record for RVA, maybe for all of F3.

    Way to work guys, sorry to have missed your VQ carpenter

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    Calling cadence on 101 SSH is no joke! Way to come out of the gate strong. Great work on your VQ, Daville is bringing it.

  3. Way to bring fellas, Solid VQ!!!!

    Lets all keep Emoji’s family in our prayers

  4. The Carpenter on

    I had it in mind after our 50 SSH at Dogpile on Saturday and the report that there were 100 SSH in Florence, SC. Lab Rat started talking so I needed to give him something to do (101 SSH). I thought about giving him another 50 after everyone else stopped at 101 but that would have been overkill. 101 SSH definitely warmed up the PAX and put our legs in a position to be challenged!

    Thanks to all for the encouragement to step out and step up to this VQ. I have felt energized all day and I now have a greater appreciation for all those who Q our workouts!

  5. I almost got tackled when doing American Hammers and I joked: “The record is…..”

    It was a fine VQ….hell, it was a fine any Q! Between BB and The Carpenter, the bar is being set high for VQ’s these days. I told him make it hard….mission accomplished.