Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Add the Loop


2 faithful River runners broke out into the early heat of the day to tackle a few hills for some BRR prep.

Head into Tarringon on Riverton Ridge and turn left on Ashwell to take the full loop.  Left at the round-about to head up the hill to Robious.  Twin Team down and back to the start.  A little over 4 miles.  Add another Ashwell loop and double back on Twin Team for the 5+ mile route.

The hills here are real and the light breeze felt coming up Ashwell was welcome, especially for Lugnut after he tried to burn himself up running in Pocahontas Park yesterday.  The Ashwell loop adds an extra hill and removes the flat loop around the school for the 4 mile route.  As Lugnut said this morning, I am really starting to look forward to this run.  We are considering meeting up for a late evening run from here on Mondays leading up to the BRR if anyone is interested.  We may map out some longer route options to add some miles for those with longer mileage desires.

Good run today.  Stay cool.


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