Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A directive from Splinter


Twenty strong converged to Dogpile on yet another muggy Saturday morn.  With a request from Splinter from the evening before to deliver a solid beatdown YHC commenced with:

COP:  50 SSH, 20 Flutterkicks, 14 Merkins, Arm Circles – front and back, 20 Hillbillys, 18 Burpees (in honor of the RNC convention and 18 GOP presidents)

Mosey to side of Carillon for TAT – TAP. Partner up, one partner does Touch a Tree while other does designated exercise.  Round 1 – 8 Trees & Donkey Kicks,  Round 2 –  6 Trees & Mtn Climbers, Round 3 – 4 Trees & Russian Twists.

Mosey to Pull-Up bars.  Partner up.  3 Sets of Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups.  8 for first set, then 6, then 4.

Mosey to bowl behind Amphitheater for Jacobs Ladder– Up to 8.  Then over into Amphitheater.  Derkins down the steps:  5 every step to the bottom.  Then escalating back up with Jump Squats 1 up to 18.  Then mosey over to field for:

Jacobs Ladder (Halloween version): Same Jacobs ladder concept but instead of Burpees up the hill do Merkins, up to 6.  And oh yeah instead of running the PAX will bear crawl and Crab Walk between the sides.

Mosey back to the Flag.

NMS:  YHC received a text from Splinter last night announcing he was back in town and in need of a good beatdown.  Considering Dogpile Qs are expected to be the toughest of RVA each week so with the added pressure YHC decided to double up on the Jacobs Ladder, while reprising the Halloween version from last year with the Bear Crawl / Crab Walk in between.  YHC hopes the PAX enjoyed the extra effort with the lack of overall theme.

Good to see Slurpee out at Dogpile put in a strong post today and very good to see Singlet come back for more, especially after Hardywood’s beatdown last week. Also Upchuck went again this morning to bike the trails after Dogpile for qseudo-double dip of his own.  Glad to see him as a Dogpile regular now.

Again it is cool to see how Swirly’s Touch A Tree has evolve into a true deliverer of pain, and how much better it is to do in the sunlight, Aye!

It’s been a while since the PAX has done the true Jacobs Ladder in the Bowl behind the theater. That, coupled with the heat & humidity seemed to wear out the PAX.

To YHC’s knowledge none of the PAX needed the Blue Relief stations today, offsetting the recent trend.  Toga continues to show glimpses of the Old Toga during the beatdowns but does his best to hide his true sarcastic nature.  Maybe the PAX can negotiate a truce whereas New-kinder gentler, restrictor plate Toga appears only when Fudd is in attendance, and when not then the Old Toga is allowed to be freed.

Prayers went out for Toga’s father, Emoji’s wife, and Spit.  The PAX is praying for all of you.

Announcements:  Less than 50 days for the BRR.  A Convergence/Grow school is happening August 6th (?) at Dogpile at 7:00.  See Toga or coming Pre-blast for more details.

What a privilege it is to lead a fine group of men this morning!


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  1. Honeydo brought the pain today, I am worn slap out.

    Good to see old Toga back in action, though I think really old Toga would have made me tap out of the choke this morning.

  2. Great Q Honeydo. Getting through 2 rounds of Jacobs ladder required a nap to get through the evening. Reminder hills at River run Monday are great for BRR training.

  3. Honeydo – that was a pretty rude welcome back. I felt as if it had been a year since working out. Way to completely toast my upper body as I could barely straighten my right bicep this morning.

    You did not disappoint.

  4. For the record I think we made it to 14 SSH before LabRat broke the silence. That clearly had to be a record for him.

    Way to push it LabRat

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great beatdown Honeydo way to bring it !
    See y’all in the gloom …