Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Scratch That Itch


17 faithful to DaVille, 1 stand-in for Lockjaw, plus 2 FNG’s showed up this morning to make it a great showing for a foggy start to the day.  There was a shovelflag.  To horribly quote Marvin Gaye, “let’s get it on”…

COP (all IC)

  • SSH X30
  • Ball Dippers X20
  • Don Quixote X20
  • Arm Circles X10 little X5 big, Reverso
  • Merkin X10

Pole Smoker Indian Run

  • Grab some wood, first pax member does 10 pole smokers, the pax holds 6 inches.  Run to next pole down.  One time thru was plenty with 19 pax.

Ultimate Frisbee F3 Style

  • Divide into teams by doing partner leg throws.  First on the ground was skins, second on the ground, shirts.
  • Every time frisbee touches the ground, pax does called out exercise
  • Upon on interception, throwing team does called exercise
  • Upon touchdown/homerun/goal/unit/point, defense sprints down field


  • American Hammer IC



So, YHC was talking with Lockjaw about how great of a “beatdown” the last Ultimate Frisbee at MM was and said we should do it more often.  YHC committed to calling same workout at DaVille, since he had the Q.  Lockjaw couldnt make it up, but instead sent Toga up to monitor DaVille operations.  Ultimate was still going down, as soon as the gloom lifted enough to see.  While waiting for the sun to burn off enough fog to be able to see, the pax got busy with some warmups and a little Pole Smoker Indian runs.  20 guys is too many for that though….one time thru was plenty of 6 inch holds to go around.

As soon as Ultimate started going, the pax had to be reigned in a bit, because the competitive juices were flowing.  Momentum had to be stopped during drops to perform called out excersizes, which took a couple turns to grasp.  After that, it looked like this was going to be another drop-fest like the Mary Munford pax demonstrated last week.  However, both teams shook off the cobwebs and looked like they knew what they were doing.  The shirts held off a skins rally towards the end to pull off the 3-2 victory.  Since YHC was on the losing side (again), everybody got to do 10 burpees to celebrate.

DaVille picked back up the F3 expansion today with a pair of triple-hates:  Welcome FNG’s Daisy Duke and Flea!  Daisy Duke tried to push the fact that he is a runner upon the pax, but his skimpy shorts were too much to overlook….I mean, he wasn’t going to get “Usaine Bolt” anyways.  Flea was named for being a bass guitar player and the pax pulling up lame after a good go at naming Daisy.  Still a solid name though, there just wasnt much variety.  Both these young men are off to college in the fall, but YHC hopes that they will continue to post into the summer and visit us on breaks.

YHC also hopes that all skins think of Lab Rat as you stop at every jutting corner of your respective offices to scratch that itchy back today!  Mrs. Lab Rat kicked YHC out of the house this morning to shower under the hose before entering!  Here’s scratching at you, kids….


  • First and foremost, thoughts and prayers to Emoji and family, as his wife starts chemotherapy today.  We are all with you, Brother!
  • Hump Day Happy Hour is tomorrow, see preblast for who/what/where/when/why/how
  • Convergance coming August 7th at Dogpile????  Watch for preblast.
  • #CSAP stuff for Reese Strong 5K.  See preblast.
  • A couple openings for BRR may still be available.  See TYA, or Lab Rat will put you in touch with the right people.



Lab Rat out.


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  1. Honey Do RVA on

    Daisy Dukes being a triple Hate, he may be unaware of his namesake. Between Blue Balls and now DD Daville is not too kind with the namorama, love it!

  2. It was worth the sherpas and supply train to make it up there. It wasn’t dodgeball fun, but it was still a good time. Y’all have a great crew out there.