Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

7 -11


A PAX of five showed for this week’s #ThePunisheRVA.

Mosey to the front school yard for initial COP for Seal Jacks x 20, Slow Squats x 20, Don Quixote x 20, and Arm Raises x 20

Stroll to the soccer field for Black Jack.  Cross the soccer field and complete 20 Merkins and 1 LBC.  Cross the field again for 19 Merkins and 2 LBCs.  Repeat pattern until 1 Merkin and 20 LBCs completed.  Alternated High Knees, Butt Kickers, and Lunge Walks in crossing the field

Return to the front school yard for Deck of Death.  Using a deck of playing cards, each suit was assigned an exercise – Squat Jumps for Clubs, Two Count Mountain Climbers for Hearts, Carolina Dry Docks for Diamonds, and Box Cutters for Spades.  Completed reps, as a group, of each exercise as per the rank of the card within the suit with aces representing 14 reps.  Jokers remained in the deck and counted for 10 Burpees when found.

Remained in place for some brief stretching then returned to the ShovelFlag for the COT.

Moleskin and Announcements:

Nice work gents.  Sweat was rolling.  The start of a warm and humid week.

Offshore mentioned a long bike ride event the same week as the Fall Spartan Race – details in the coming months.

Twas free Slurpee day, by the way.


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