Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You can thank Wilson


6 regulars and 1 FNG braved the humidity to post at WDog.  Here is what transpired:

COP: 20 SSH, 20 Mtn climbers, 20 Flutterkicks, 20 Merkins, 15 DQS, 15 Imperial Walkers. Mosey to Burpees Road- Burpees for each light post, increase # at each post up to 7. Mosey tonew Police Memorial, grab 2 bricks.

Lunge up field with bricks, 20 overhead presses. Then WWII situp escalator presses, up to 15. 15 regular WWII situps with brick, Lunge back to return bricks to the pile. Mosey to Pull Up bars for 3,6,9:  partner up each does 3 pull up, 3 chin up. Then 6 and 6, then 9 pull ups and chin ups.

Mosey to carillon, stop for PLTs- 25 each partner,repeato  x3. Mosey back to COP circle. Honeymoon suite- 30 monkey humpers, 25 APDs, 30 Pickle Pounders. Ring of Fire. Mosey back to flag- 1 min Elbow plank.

NMS: Holy cow was it humid in the gloom. YHC was drenched by the end of the COP.  It definitely felt like summer this morning. Welcome to Peloton, you put in a great effort and set a new record by hitting the Port-o-John before the COP your first day. YHC tried to work that into your name but was too beat to think of something clever.

YHC saw Wilson post something on Twitter last night about the newly moved Police Memorial to Byrd Park and saw in the pic some building blocks in the background the PAX could play with. When  YHC drove in they were still there so we made us of the bricks.

On the Pull-up bars the 3,6,9 was a change of pace. Being Fudd was there it took some explaining but after 3 minutes later and some diagrams in the sand we got started. The higher reps were tough. YHC was partnered up with Wedding Singer, fresh off his Crowning at the 1st Annual HR-Burpees Derby. He was strong on the bars today, is there a PED test for the winner Gumbo? Want to make sure the integrity of the game is preserved.

Announcements- Hill run tonight at Pump House. Bring a towel to hop in the James afterwards. HDHH run next Wednesday in Salisbury, see DK’s pre-blast.



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great Q and BB Honeydo.. I was spent/drenched as well..Thanks Wilson….
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Nice Q HoneyDo! Great use of the AO and was glad I got extra burpees in after the derby yesterday.