Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

HR…err…Burpee Derby


7 regulars posted for what was supposed to be a celebration of the mid-summer classic and a show of slugging power, well that is not exactly what transpired.  Instead:

Short mosey around the parking lot in case and LIFOs got lost with the AO change.

Initial COP in the parking lot:

  • SSH x25 IC
  • Arm Circles x15 (10 small, 5 large) IC forward and then reverse
  • Imperial Walkers x10 IC

Seeing no LIFOs (and hoping there were not folks at NoToll wondering where the PAX was) – mosey to field and circle up in right field grass for additional COP:

  • Flutter kicks x20 IC
  • Freddie Mercuries x15 IC
  • Baseball-style warm-ups from foul line:
    • High Knees to centerfield and then back
    • Butt-kickers to centerfield and then back
    • Karaoke
    • Skip-jumps
    • Sprints

Partner up for 61 Burpees in honor of Giancarlo Stanton’s record night last night in the MLB HR Derby.  Partner 1 performs Burpees while Partner 2 runs from foul pole to foul pole and back – flapjack and keep counting Burpees until you reach 61 – what a number by the way, with all its history in the HR record books by Roger Maris and all.  YHC initially thought we would do a second round of partner work with 497 squat jumps (in honor of Stanton’s longest shot last night) but YHC quickly audibled out of that so we would have time to show off our hitting prowess (or lack thereof).

HR (Burpee) Derby:

  • First Round – Each PAX gets 3 swings.  A HR means the PAX must complete a lap around the field and 10 2-count flutter kicks (later audibled to just 20 2-count flutter kicks and no lap).  An out (anything other than a HR) means the PAX must complete 5 Burpees.  Results:
    • Buzzkill – 3 outs = PAX does 15 burpees
    • Hardywood – 2 outs, 1 HR = PAX does 10 burpees and 1 lap and 10 2-count FKs
    • DK – 3 outs
    • Buzzkill – 3 outs
    • Shawshank – 3 outs
    • Kevin Bacon – 2 outs, 1HR
    • Wedding Singer (F3 HR Derby champ!) = 2HRs, 1 out
    • Gumbo – 3 outs —in fact, YHC almost through the bat farther than I hit the ball.
  • Second Round – Each PAX gets 1 swing – HR = 10 2-count SSHs; Out = 10 merkins.  Result — 0 HRs, 7 outs and the PAX had to complete 70 Merkins.

For those of you counting at home, the scorecard for today looks like this:

  • 4 HRs
  • 20 Outs
  • Approximately 115 Burpees performed by each PAX member
  • Addition of insult to injury closing with 70 Merkins

COT and YHC took us out.

Moleskin:  Not much to say here other than that is not how this played out in my head last night.   The PAX worked hard knocking out the Burpees and, in Buzzkill’s case, jumping the fence to retrieve the few HRs the PAX did hit.  Way to push through it gentlemen.  YHC for one will be hitting the cages so that the 2nd annual F3 HR Derby will feature many fewer Burpees.

Thanks for letting me lead today and for indulging my idea.  Always a pleasure.



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  1. If I wasn’t already retired, I would have after today’s performance. It was fun (and painful) though. Way to work gents.

  2. Döner Kebab on

    Great Q, Gumbo. Apologies to anyone who didn’t get the word and posted to NoToll!

  3. Sorry I missed this one, was looking forward to it. Sounds like Kershaw must have been on the hill to keep that many balls in the park.

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Sounds painful and fun – way to work guys…
    See y’all in the gloom..