Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wildlife and Bleachers


Hopeful that TYA would make an appearance on the southside but disappointed two strong moseyed out for a fox and hound style run by the river.

The Thang

Leave Bettie Weaver and make a left on James River Road, right on Riverton Ridge. At the circle the fox runs back and the hound finishes the “square” approx. 1/2 mile further then chases the fox back to James River Road and into the James River Park loop. Exit the park and run to the James River High School football field for home and away bleacher run followed by an extra lap for the hound to give the fox a little hope. Run back to Bettie Weaver for COT.

Today the fox (3.5) was caught by the hound (4.5) on multiple occasions. YHC understands that in itself is not unusual, the wildlife on today’s run however certainly were.

First sighting of two deer was rather uneventful, 2nd sighting was a little different as the young buck stood just off the road to watch YHC jog by, 3rd sighting was the same young buck 1/2 mile away standing on the road looking at me as I jogged by no more than 10 feet away. YHC has seen “When Animals Attack” on TV and was a little weary of the strange occurrence. But it doesn’t end there…

Nearing the finish of the run the YHC was caught and passed for the final time by Gumbo, a fox who must have been upset by this runs across the road carrying an object in its mouth. When the fox sees Gumbo he stops and drops a head of a deer in the road and runs off into the woods. But it doesn’t end there…

After the COT and some casual discussion of current events YHC hops in the car and heads out of the neighborhood onto Robious Road. No less than a 1/2 mile away a sheep, yep a sheep, comes running out into the road. Fortunately, for all involved the Chevy SS has a great breaking system! It does make me wonder however, what was the sheep running from? Where was TYA?!?

AO change for tomorrow, Robious Elementary School baseball field 0530.


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  1. Sheep are running free and trying to hide before the fraternity pledging season starts. LOL! Glad the SS is well equipped!

  2. Great run LugNut. The wildlife was crazy, especially that Fox. It dropped the deer food and scampered away in a hurry.

    Glad you avoided the sheep crossing.

    Home Run Derby tomorrow – be there.