Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Planking with the bears.


It was a surprisingly non-humid and beautiful July morning for a workout. 16 Pax.
Mosey to warmup circle via a circuitous route.
10x helicopters, 15x Don Quixote, Arm circles forward and back, small and big, 7x Knerkins, 20x Freddie Mercuries.
Polar bear crawl (staggered merkin every five bear crawl steps) back and forth from edge of circle to center (2x).
Mosey to amphitheater for 3.5 minutes of bunny hop up and run down.
Mosey to pullup bars for partner pullups 1-5 pullups and 5-1 chin ups.
Mosey down pipe and eventually make way down to the path behind Maymont past the bear habitat.
Plank with feet up on rail. Pax on end runs to the other end and everyone does 2 derkins when each Pax passes, after 1 cycle, do one derkin, after 2 cycles just plank.
Incline plank on rail, move right and move left according to instructions of YHC. More Plank-a-rama exercises.
Mosey back to bottom of hill. Run ¾ of the way up hill. Skip up last ¼ of hill, balls to the wall on the brick building at top of hill while you wait for the six.
Touch a tree. Revolution #1—3 trees: alternate bear crawl and crab walk with each tree. Revolution #2—touch 10 trees, running.
Mosey to parking lot poles for 30 pole smokers.
Mosey back to flag for 25x mountain climbers.
COT—YHC led us out with prayers for the day and for Spit’s recent illness.
Naked Moleskin:
YHC kept the PAX moving today and we explored a new area of the AO, one that is well traveled during Sunday’s trail run. The rails should provide some good opportunities for plank-a-ramas. YHC opted for mostly full-body exercises today after a tough RAMM workout yesterday. Still we did about 2 miles of mostly moseying during the workout.
Random thoughts: Hardywood and Malpractice impressed today in the bunny hops. Hardywood was taking one hop per step and Malpractice was taking a disciplined 2, both with excellent form. EF Hutton made it through the partner pullups without help! Skipping up hill is exhausting. YHC did not realize that there are a lot of poison-ivy covered trees in the area we did touch a tree—let’s hope no one touched those! There was a brief Saab sighting during the COP as he motored down love hill.
As always men, it was a pleasure to lead you this morning.


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  1. Great Q Sippy. A total body workout for sure, and I enjoyed exploring new ground. Great possibilities down there. Enjoyed it men.

    Praying for you Spit – way to get out there and push it today brother.

  2. Killer workout Sippy! Way to use all the AO! 2nd F at ET was…well entertaining and educational! Spit – your in our prayers!

  3. Great Q Sip, that is the first time I have been back there. This was good training for the BRR. Also Spit your in my prayers just remember the power that created your body is the power that will heal it!!!

  4. Honey Do RVA on

    Sippy those Bunny Hops were a tough start. The title of the BB for ETs was – it all goes back to Applebee’s. Way to post while not 100% Spit! We will be praying for you.