Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



12 Faithful and one moron showed up for some Mary this morning, and to make fun of the only guy in the RVA pax that could forget to wear shoes to a workout….Lab Rat.  Not to let that slow us down though, let’s get busy:


-Mosey around half the grounds, finding the grassy path where possible

  • SSH IC X28
  • Don Quixote IC X20
  • Arm Circles IC X10 little X5 big, Reverso
  • Crunchy Frogs IC X15
  • LBC IC X30
  • Merkins IC X10 (15?)
  • Partner Leg Toss X25, Flapjack


  • Ultimate frisbee-  Divide into teams based on who did leg throws first or second.  Any time frisbee hits the ground, pax does excersize of Q’s choosing.  Interceptions, the intercepted team does excersize. Upon score, the team scored upon moseys to opposite end of field.  Excersizes included:
    • Merkins
    • LBC’s
    • Squat Jumps
    • Deep knee bends
    • Crunchy Frogs
    • Burpees (upon interceptions)
  • Mary- 1 minute of Superman


  • A life worth living does not necessarily mean being comfortable.  YHC really butchered the quote he wanted.  Here is the true quote:

    On the frontlines-in humanitarian crises, in wars overseas, and around some kitchen tables here at home-I’d seen that peace is more than the absence of war, and that a good life entails more than the absence of suffering.  A good peace, a solid peace, a peace in which communities can flourish, can only be built when we ask ourselves and each other to be more than just good, and better than just strong.  And a good life, a meaningful life, a life in which we can enjoy the world and live with purpose, can only be built if we do more than live for ourselves.  -Eric Greitens, The Heart and the Fist


So the plan for the day was to do something lighter for those that had already been pummeled by the massive beatdowns from earlier in the week.  A nice game of ultimate frisbee with some excersizes thrown in for good measure seemed to fit the bill.  Also planned was a “half time break” COP.  Once we got in the action though, all that got thrown out the window, and plenty of excersizes were there for the taking.  “The every time the frisbee touches the ground”  turned out to be a death sentence, as everybody forgot how to catch.

Of course, there were a few standouts, and TYA was not a member of that group.  Sippy is the clear player of the group, which everybody pretty much knew.  The rest of the pax each had their moments of glory, and everybody got plenty of running in.  While confiding in Sippy Cup preparing this workout, the concern was that the runners would run and the non-runners would stand around a bit, but that wasnt the case at all.  Plenty of hustle from everybody and WAY more excersizes were performed than expected.  Turned out to be a pretty good mix of fun and work.  YHC was completely drenched in sweat by the end.

YHC would be a horrible Q if he didnt mention that Wilson caught the game-ending touchdown/basket/point/homerun thing to end the game, even though the “shirts” were up by at least one heading in to that  drive (it was not the “game winner”).  The skins were the clear losers, being that they had an extra man, lost the match, and YHC is sure that he is not the only one scratching his back on anything with a rough surface he walks by from doing LBC’s sans shirt.

YHC hopes everybody enjoyed this morning as much as he did!

Lab Rat out.


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  1. Lab Rat you brought a level of fun to today’s workout that I have not seen before. It turned out to be a hell of a workout. So much that while walking my dogs this morning one of them tossed Merlot. Nice job dude! Feel bad for TYA as that rash looked painful. #dontrunintotreesLooking forward to RAMM tomorrow and hopefully we will see Aisle 5, BT & Lugnut (haven’t seen those boys in a while – my fartsacking!)

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great workout… Tons of fun, but boy does our ultimate game need some work?

    Rash is healing, but it will be a couple days

  3. No doubt there was weak play across the boards. Sippy Cup blamed “wet frisbee”, but it was much more than that.

  4. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Wth happened? Last week at Fudd’s ultimate frisbee Q we were talking about fielding a competitive team and TYA had a web gem.

  5. That was a ton of fun LabRat, and a shoulder beat down to boot. Thanks for the Q see you sat for some dogwood!!