Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hey TYA, Did you get a Raccoon?


4 runners posted, followed by 3 Gear Heads with bikes to the wednesday evening hill run that is the Hillcrest torturous loop


Run(bike) the Hillcrest loop in various designs of Jug Handles or Sans Jug Handle Loops


YHC arrived mid loop with the runners in full motion. YHC had two other cyclist of the younger in age variety(Offspring of YHC) YHC first encountered Saab as was setting a furious pace up the jug handle(Chariman Road) Saab was slightly Shocked to see YHC on a bike. YHC has missed one full week of workouts due to the left knee and YHC’s own stupidity. Today was the first day without limping, so why not try biking up a serious hill, it’s only a circle.

Lockjaw finished several loops and declared that he is all in for the BRR and has not missed a run since July 1, Wait isn’t today the 6th?

TSB was cranking up the final hill just ahead of TYA. TYA looked as if he managed to include a lap across the Rivah when he arrived back at the top of the hill.

Post-Run festivus at TYA’s humble abode included several fine crafted beers, one could only describe as Grapefruit oriented( although pricing was in full debate of said beer) As the group discussed the finer points of Hover-boards, the BRR history, the TYA/Bleeder vs OBT/Dredd BRR mountain Goat battle Royale and TYA family selection of pets or rabid animals.

Peace out,
Bleeder on TYA’s Machine. No, Bleeder using TYA’s… No, Bleeder pounding on TYA’s Keys.. Damn it… you get the idea.


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  1. I hit all my scheduled run days as well as scheduled recovery days. BRR here I come.

    TYA, thanks for your hospitality. I couldn’t tell if our furry guest was early for his evening walkabout or rabid. Either way, best we steered clear and didn’t let Saab mistake him for your pet cat.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed the post-run festivus. Great company, conversation, high-end beverages, and casual exposure to potentially dangerous wildlife.

    Sorry for TYA’s encounter with toxic vegetation as part of his self-imposed attempt at a trail run. (Perhaps TYA’s brief excursion into the brush is what awakened aforementioned raccoon from his slumber.)