Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Let’s all give thanks for the Bikini


5 showed at UR today for a moderate impact run around Westham. Using a derivative of a route Bleeder led a few weeks ago, we went up Westham parkway, down to the canal via Ridge, and then back along the golf course to the commons.

YHC was beginning to prepare for a lone-run this morning, but the PAX eventually all arrived at about the same time. The route chosen had fewer hills and less distance than prior options due in no small part to the difficult weekend YHC and others experienced with regard to F3 workouts and other running excursions. While we all worked to stay together, the decision for the pack to run up westham station and back down – with the intent to catch up with Lugnut turned out to be a slight miscalculation. As we worked to track him down we did not see him on the return route…YHC feared he would end up lost similar to TYA’s experience a few months ago. Fortunately, despite taking an alternate entrance back into the university, Lugnut was able to find his way once he came upon the chapel where he first entered the world of marital bliss. Otherwise, chatter centered around the July 4 beatdown at Batteau (Hardywood), and “where’s Lockjaw?” (per his stated commitment to step-up his running beginning in July).

Just a word about the title…on this day in history in 1946 the bikini was first introduced in Europe.

Saab out.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Aye on the BB title. Certainly one of the seminal moments in female fashion. Right up there with low rider jeans, push up bra’s, and the thong! What could possibly be next?

  2. As I was writing this I confess the question as to what date the thong was invented did then cross my mind. I will research and endeavor to Q on that date as well. Perhaps Splinter can assist us all with an appropriately themed workout when the time comes.

  3. Great run guys, It’s good to know I can do 3.5 miles in the same time y’all do 4.7. Splinter can check the math but I believe that’s about 25% slower. Which ultimately means you guys are ROCKETSHIP fast!

  4. Lockjaw covered his miles today on his own. Thanks for making sure I am keeping with the training plan.

  5. Well done sir. Let me know if you are looking to hit the Wednesday evening run.