Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

An Impromptu Q and Some 40s for the 4th


White Deer was slated to Q, but was forced to step out at the last minute due to illness. Jville (YHC) stepped up to Q on the fly, and this is how it went down, more or less:

30x SSH (ultra slow, med, fast cadence)
25x don quiote
25x LBCs
15x merkins
25x imperial walkers transitioning to hillbillies

Mosey to sand volleyball court over by Striker Field
bear crawl the length of the sandpit
10x merkins
crab walk back
10x merkins

Mosey to grassy knoll by old schoolhouse
10min of burpees

Mosey to old schoolhouse
classic triple check

Mosey back to sand volleyball court
karaoke back and forth
bunny hop length
single leg side hop back and forth
10x merkins
feet first crab
10x merkins

mosey to playground
Lindsays (40s) consisting of body weight rows and crab-cakes

mosey to benches
Lindsays (40s) consisting of box jumps and Carolina drydocks. This was cut a bit short for timing.

COT with Atilla taking us out.


Welcome to Rooney, who was visiting family up from the Fort in SC. Please get your brother in law from Midlo out!

Our numbers were small this morning due to vacations/sickness, but it was this a great group of strong men. Everyone worked very hard. It was an honor to lead these men.

Convergence at Batteau on Monday — 0700.

Love and enjoy your families. Have a safe and happy 4th!


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