Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Arms, more arms, and a little running


17 RVA regulars, 2 FNGs and 1 SC visitor posted to Dogpile to get their holiday weekend off right. Temp was 75 degrees and muggy although the AO was freshly mowed for the forthcoming fireworks.  Swirly was on Q and delivered a typical arm-bruising beatdown:

COP –  25 SSH, 20 Don Qs, 15 Helicopters, 20 LBCs, Arm Circles – forward & backwards


Mosey over for Modified Love Hill – Start at turn-around point for normal Love Hill and go back up to top of hill by Amphitheater.  Partner up – exercises were Bear Crawl, Russian Soldier, Lunges

Mosey to Amphitheater for Descending alternating ladder –  Start at 18th step, down to 1st step, alternate with Dips on Even steps, Incline Merkins Odd steps. Plank at bottom.

Reverse Newton’s law – What comes down must come back up – Start at 1st step and go back up at 18 – alternating Dips and Incline Merkins

Mosey to Pull-Up bars.  5 Pull Ups, 5 Chin Ups, 10 Second Hold.  Repeato x3.

Mosey to the field in front of Carillon for Triple Check – Run, WWII Situps, & Squats.

Mosey back to COP circle for Curb Crawls –  Up to 5 and back down.  Odd #s incline merkins, even #s decline merkins.  Finish up with Firedrill – stop drop & roll.  Mosey back to the flag, Gumbo took us out.


Swirly asked YHC to write-up this BB as he is on his way to the Beach today.  YHC believes Swirly decided to get in all the arm work he would normally do during the week during the Q this AM at Dogpile. Between the combo Dip-Incline Merkin ladder, pull-ups and Curb Crawls YHC’s arms are smoked.  Great work by the PAX knocking these out.

The morning started with the non-Davillian’s getting a look at the now-infamous Emoji F3 S racing jersey.  Although there was some good ribbing about the tightness of fit, and rightfully so, there is definitely a tinge of jealousy by some of the PAX (YHC included) for being able to pull that off at 50, aye!

On Love Hill YHC learned that Grunt can bear crawl much better than his father, guess he got that from Swirly’s M. The firedrills at the end, right after the curb-crawls, saw many of the PAX lose any semblance of proper form. Most seemed to be flailing around on the ground, waiting for the call to mosey back to the flag.

At ETs afterward Stewardess arrived, he had gotten the location mixed up and missed Dogpile. Guess he’d heard ETs is the best part of Dogpile, which is true but even better after getting smoked for an hour.  Still a valiant attempt to post twice in your first week, Aye!

Great work by Munson and Laughing Gas.  Posting to a Swirly Dogpile for your first time is no joke! There is an F3 saying that it does not get any easier, you just get stronger but that may actually be true after this beatdown…

Apologies if I missed any of the PAX here, Swirly handed me the Name-o-rama list but it is written in a foreign language YHC cannot decipher…

Announcements –  Batteau is the only AO on 4th of July – special starting time at 7:00.  Don’t miss this Hardywood beatdown!  See the pre-blast for details.  Also Blue Balls has his VQ this Tuesday at Daville, way to step up!


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  1. It hurts to even type right now. Great beatdown Swirly. Have a great vaca. See the rest of you at Batteau on the 4th.

  2. And welcome to Laughing Gas and Munson. Respect for surviving a Swirly Q right out of the gate!

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Thanks so much Honeydo – really appreciate the assistance brother!
    Great work today guys and have a good week – corporate will be watching

  4. Honey Do RVA on

    Forgother to put in the BB there was talk of a CSAUP/convergence of hitting all the Downtown AOs and running in between. 9 or so miles and beatdowns from Batteau to dogpile, Holton, and Mumford. Count me in!