Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bambi watches Nascar


Eight F3RVA Pax met at Hillcrest to run some hills on a hot, but less humid evening.  Here is how it went down:

As LugNut had some evening plans, he got to the AO early to conquer three circuits.  The rest of the PAX had plans to circle the Hillcrest neighborhood 6 times.  Saab and Rosie cruised right along leading the PAX.  DK, HoneyDo, TYA and Swirly set the pace for the mere mortals of the group and YHC and TSB brought the PAX home across the finish line.  On the first loop, the PAX startled a group of 3 deer.  The deer must have been impressed with the PAX, as they were still in a neighbors front yard on loop 2.  It appeared they were watching the members of the PAX run past moving their heads with each PAX members as ran down they hill. YHC thought to himself that this is what it would like if deer watched Nascar(not that YHC was setting any speed records).  Great 2nd F at TYA’s office (ETs) afterward with discussion surrounding BRR, upcoming vacations, and DK educating everyone on the proper British term for a pregnant woman.

Great work by everyone this evening.  Consider posting for a Wed.evening run.  Perfect BRR training.

Circle K


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  1. Nice work gents, it’s so much fun to jog the pleasant rolling hills of Hillcrest. I did not enjoy the challenge to trying to do it solo however, running at the back of the pax is far more enjoyable than leading a race of one. For the record I did record 4 laps, I did it in a time however that most would do 3. Also for the record, I did beat Swirly to an AO. Have a great day guys, see you tomorrow!

  2. Apologies Lug, did not mean to reduce your run by one loop. Every time up that hill is a beast. Great work

  3. Apologies to Saab. Left him off the original PAX list. Have updated. Trying to do too many things before heading out of town

  4. Nice work everyone. Thoroughly enjoyed 2nd F at ET. I am convinced our sophomoric conversation is what distracted our bartender into pouring us the surplus draft.

    (DK’s quaint colloquialisms never get old…particularly the naughty ones.)