Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

One Better than Batteau


Curb Crawls

A random assortment of 5 PAX members gathered at the Punisher this AM for a random assortment of exercises.  Mosey around the school to the blacktop, avoiding the mangled mess that was the children’s playground.

– SSH x20
– Arm Circles 10xSmall, 5xLarge.  Forward & Backward
– Merkins x10
– IW x20
– Copperhead Squats x20
– Something else here…
– Clerkins x10

The Thang

Quick mosey to the bus loop for curb crawls.  Bear crawl / incline merkin, crawl bear / decline merkin.  1 to 6, repeat 6 then back to 1 (unless you are Bleeder then do 1 more).

Mosey to blacktop for small 4 corners.  10 burpees, 20 jump squats, 30 mountain climbers, 40 LBCs.  Repeato with 4 corners around the school.  3rd set of 4 corners was once again on the blacktop with 10 merkins, 20 Lt Dans, 30 CDDs, 40 box cutters, running backwards between stations.  Plank-o-rama in-between.

Meander to the soccer fields for dealer’s choice frisbee style.  Throw the frisbee, run until it hits the ground then proceed with exercise to the frisbee.  First to frisbee chooses next exercise.  Exercises were broad jump burpees, lunges, walk-out merkins, crab walk, crawl bear, sprint, lunges, something else.

Fast mosey to the pavillion benches for 5 minutes of dips / step-ups.  20 dips, 20 step-ups (10 each leg), repeato until time expires.

Mosey back to SF for Mary.  15 each of Box Cutters, American Hammers, APDs, Rosalitas followed by a quick 1 minute superman.

COT by Splinter


YHC wondered if this would be a solo workout today given last week’s light showing.  Glad to see PAX from all over convene at the Punisher this week.  Weather was cool, grass was high, and breathing was heavy even though there was nary a hill in sight.  Mr. Rogers showed up first and wondered if Punisher had moved as Swirly’s truck was nowhere to be found.

YHC knew that there was a Swirly Q across town so had to bring the pain this AM.  Glad to hear that Punisher beat Batteau today in curb crawls.  If you really want to push yourself just follow the Splinter Q around town.  Not that I’m competitive at all…

TClaps to Bleeder for picking up the frisbee prop on the loop around the school.  YHC contemplated leaving it there but couldn’t resist.  Frisbee toss is always a great exercise.  If we ever have an F3 Ultimate Frisbee draft, YHC has a feeling Mr Rogers may have to wait a few rounds to hear his name called.  The Carpenter had the right idea, picking an exercise he acknowledged not being very good at performing.  Way to go man.  Gotta push yourself.

Offshore took a week off and was feeling the pain.  Well, by Offshore’s definition a week is missing Tuesday – Thursday.  4 corners almost made him splash, perhaps next time…

Beautiful sunrise this morning gents during the post workout mumblechatter.  Thanks as always for letting me lead.  See everyone in the gloom.

Splinter out.


1 year anny Rosie Q mañana @ #NoToll



  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    I love me some good competition Splinter atta baby – competition keeps you on your toes – and I’m always up on my toes – never back on the balls of my feet where one is easily pushed over!
    Way to work guys – that’s a solid Splinter beatdown.
    See y’all in the gloom.