Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Spray Painting Punks – Swirly is coming!


9 brave arrived for WDOG this morning and here is how it went down….

COP: SSH, Helicopters, Windmills, Imperial Walkers, Arm Circles, LBC’s, APD’s.

Curb Crawl : Bear crawl to curb – incline merkin crawl bear back decline merkin – ladder 1-5 and back down the ladder.

Indian Run Pole Smokers :  5 pole smokers while rest of the pax holds @ 6 inches run to the end of the line – everyone repeats 4 times.

Amp Theatre – Dips Ladder – start at top step work are way down to the bottom 18-1

Pull up Station : 5 overhand 5 underhand 5 derkins – 3 sets..

Amp Theatre : Incline merkin ladder – start at the bottom work are way up – 1-18.

Native American Run – back to the flag

Ring of Fire : 10 merkins while holding plank – 2 sets..

NMS: Way to work this morning guys…… YHC has to apologize for being distracted this morning. When YHC get’s pissed it’s very hard to let it go….. The workout came at a great time though and certainly helped relieve some tension ….  Should any of you have a bunch punks spray paint your cars – Blue Monster wipes does the trick – came right off. The cop was telling YHC this morning after returning from WDOG that it looked like kids got a number of blocks in the neighborhood and that they would increase patrol it being summer and all – and YHC said no need I’ll take care of it to which YHC’s M said NOOO let the police do it to which the officer said sir from the looks of you i’d say feel free to join us anytime – to which I responded – AYE and then was immediately  told to go inside while YHC’s M asked the officer not to fire me up like that 🙂

Now to the beat down : not much running but we focused on upper body and abs with the goal being we all have a hard time lifting our arms to drive the car home or move at all without feeling it in our stomachs …  The pax did a great job banging it out this morning.

Thanks for allowing me to lead – even when distracted …. It’s always a pleasure .. Se y’all in the gloom..

Anybody interested in a long bike ride on the capitol trail this Saturday  – get with Hardywood.


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  1. Glad the paint came off. My shoulders OTOH, are going to take a bit more than a simple wipe to get back to normal. Note to self, don’t piss off Swirly.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Actually we did have a conversation – think I may have intimidated him a bit though…

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Forgot to mention in the BB something very important and funny…
    Bleeder covered conspiracy’s car with F3 stickers and a nice note on an F3 business card this morning encouraging him to join us anytime .. We happened to notice he was working out with some tomatoes @ dogpile and the dude freaken parked over by us so we had to leave a note 🙂 Wonder if he will return to the gloom or if he will continue to pay to sleep in and run around with tomatoes ??

  4. Note to self……..don’t look for a home in Swirly’s neighborhood! LOL Sounds like a good beatdown! Nice job!

  5. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    I seriously considered it when TYA suggested we hop in the car and head to SOT after seeing Swirly’s demeanor. Solid upper body beatdown!

  6. The hardest part of a Swirly Q is knowing that later in the day I’ll have to grasp utensils with my toes at lunch. I don’t mind the stares, but it’s taken me two hours to eat my soup today. And to be honest I don’t know how the hell I’m going to floss tonight.

    Awesome Q Swirly, my arms are toast. Big happy birthday Flipper.


  7. Nice work men, I can’t imagine what swirly would do if he found those kids. Sounds like it was upper body smoke fest!!!

  8. That’s the spirit Bleeder!! At NO Toll DK ran over and tried to pull in two dudes looking at us like we were insane during his run on triple check.

  9. Now those Damn kids are on my list!!! Pissed off Swirly Q on my Birthday. As soon as I regain function of my arms those kids are toast. My Gluten Free Birthday cup cakes looked great… Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get one all the way to my mouth. Someone should tell those kids wrestlers don’t have an off button… Swirly distracted or not that was an awesome Birthday beatdown. Thanks to all the Pax for the well wishes.