Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

State Champs – Softball


11 Faithful and 3 FNG posted for a F3 show of respect at DaVille for the ladies State Softball champs on the longest day of the year. It went something like this:

Short Mosey to front of High School to circle up for disclaimer and a few warmup exercises.

Moroccan Nightclub x40, SSHx30, Imperial Walker x25, Mountain Climbers x20, Knerkins x15, Front Arm Circles x10 (small) x5(big)

Mosey to the middle school field for a show of respect in a game of Softball. At home base Pax runs to 1st Base and does 10 Burpees.  Run to 2nd Base and do 20 Merkins, run to 3rd base and do 30 LBCs. Run to home and “Reset” order – 1st to home does 14 back and forth from home base to a fence post, 2nd to home does 23 back and forth from home base to a fence post, continue to last of the Pax to home base who does 1 back and forth from home base to a fence post. Repeat as Atlee is a repeating State Champion. Repeat again as we want Atlee to win another State Title. Plank to pay respect for all continuing to exercise.

Pax Mosey to Middle school field.  Partner up.  Pax decided who is the most scary and least scary – A Bear, a spider, a crab or a human.  Youngest partner starts with “Fearful” Suicides, other partner waits till partner finishes in a “Virtual Wall Sit.”

Fearful Suicides – Crab walk (least scary) 5 yards and back, spider walk (2nd to least scary) 10 yards and back, Bear crawl (3rd least scary) 20 yards and back, Human Run (most scary) 40 yards and back. Partner doing virtual wall sits then does their fearful suicide.  Plank to pay respect for all continuing to exercise.

The sun is getting higher.  It takes drills to earn skills:  10 yards of bounders, 10 yards of Ass Kickers, 10 yards of high knees, 10 yards of sprints.

Mosey back to shovel flag for Praise to our God (Arms straight out to the side, palms up, head leaning back) for the victory of Atlee Softball in their State Championship run. Hold for 2 minutes.

COT-  Phonics took us out with prayer.


Abacus posted at 520am this morning to plant the Shovel Flag and the DaVille Pax started to file in continuously until start time.  It was great to do a have another good crowd and a hearty F3 welcome to No Deal, and Monkey.  As we departed the Shovel Flag for a run to just in front of Atlee.  This made for some good rebounding of sound as the counting bounced off of the Atlee sign. Most exercises were a good warm up, however, 25 Imperial Walkers were difficult. The PAX attacked the exercises with everything everyone had in the tank, which worked into a showing of respect.  Softball was a great show of respect.  It was discovered that Abacus is not the only one who struggles counting.  But Abacus appreciated the extra runs to the fence poles.  While planking up it was asked what is the scariest? Bears, Spiders, Crabs or spiders.  After the Pax decided who is scariest we mosey over and partnered up for fearful suicides.  Mumbling was loud and deserved as we spidered through the grass 10 yards.  Afterwords Grabber showed nice little reactions to the grass on his pipets legs. With the sun rising more and more the Pax quickly went through some drills as it takes drills to build skills to be a State Champion.

In prep Abacus reached out to the coach of the Softball team and learned that “Burpees and suicides were definitely most hated, wall sits and planks were next.”  Looking back at everything, we had plenty of time to put some of this hate to pay proper respect for their hard work and accomplishments we sprinkled all of these in the work outs.  Thanks for letting me lead this morning.



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  1. Lab Rat helping a brother out. Well done, Abacus! Sounds solid. Glad to see my boy Blue (balls) made it back out! Be back North of the river next week, gents.

  2. Great Q Abacus. Those spider crawls were only outdone by the bear crawls directly afterward. Welcome to No Deal and Monkey. Let’s keep spreading the DaVille word.