Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

FNGs take over at NoToll


26 men posted up at NoToll, 2 second timers- Buzz Kill and Hasselhoff, 2 recommits – The Scream and Pelosi 5.0,  6 FNGs and 17 regular hardcore’s

COP – Run to the field, 20 SSH, 10 Merkins

3 rounds of Triple Check:  Run – Merkins – Box cutters

3 more rounds of Triple Check:  Run – Plank-to elbows – LBCs

Ran to next field for 4 rounds of “Ring of Joy”

  1. 25 decline Merkins than run around the field 2. 25 dips and Merkins than run 3. 25 Jump Ups on the bench run do the first 2, on to the last 25 two count American Hammers and repeat all four.
  2. Ring of Fire:  20 Alabama prom dates, 10 mt climbers.
  3. Run back to the flag

Thank you men for letting me lead today, what great turnout!! We are growing and its great to see so many new faces and old faces again. We had so many funny stories going on during this Q, please posts yours.

Here is mine:

DK  called it when he told me about the sprinklers might turn on 5 seconds later they turned on and sprayed EF!!

FYI those fields are in amazing condition for the summer should be easier to grow NoToll..

Great job, TYA and Lab Rat for packing your car full of FNGs

Flashdance over and out!


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  1. Honey Do RVA on

    Should you have listed Lockjaw as a Kotters as well? And glad to see Lab Rat make the drive to get a real Southside beatdown. Way to represent NoToll!

  2. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Solid! Love to see a big crowd. My funny story is that Swirly ran like 12 miles this morning and I drove the half mile to the Spider Run.

  3. Great Q Flashdance. Way to show up today fellas. Can’t wait to hear if we eclipsed 60 across the 3 AOs. I’m sure Daville had about 30 today, so I am optimistic.

    Welcome to all the FNGs. Hope to see you guys back out again soon.

  4. Unfortunately, I came to No-Toll, which kept alot of the Lab Rat fan club that is DaVille in the fartsack. I am like reverse pied piper….the rat sings and the pax follows the glorious sound!

    Still think we had upper 40’s, with alot of regulars on vacation.

  5. Welcome to the new PAX! Looking forward to hear if we beat the 60 goal! Great beat down Flashdance!

  6. Second that! If polling data from NoToll (AKA Dixville Notch, NH) is any indication, I hope we should be able to hit 60. 🙂

  7. Nice Q Flashdance! #BrownwaterBeatdown

    Stories from NoToll:

    1) That was a tough workout, but good to hear lots of mumble chatter today! Everyone seemed very saucy in the last circle.

    2) Buzzkill and DK put on a smokeshow during the running legs of the triple check. So much so that DK wanted to use the time wisely by spreading the good word of F3 to two fellas out for a walk in the AO. I don’t think it went over all that well … but good looking out all the same, DK!!

    3) Wilson’s corner: Wilson decided it was so cold he needed to wear his long-sleeve t-shirt today. Wilson also saw fit to taunt me with ghosts of his SSH beatdown from his Saturday Q. I wanted none of it. I also heard someone (Lab Rat?) joke that he thought Wilson had moved back to Buffalo since he’s been a Kotter for so long.

    4) I don’t know who won for most FNGs … TYA had at least 2 but JVille might have had 3?

    5) I was very impressed by all the FNGs! Kevin Bacon, Do Over, Murtagh, Mr. Roper, Trojan Drone, Fall Out …. Nice work and hope to see you back again soon!!!!

    Also, proper spelling of the “retiring” Danny Glover character from Lethal Weapon is


    And here’s a supercut of (NSFW!!!) Roger Murtaugh saying “I’m too old for this s###!”

  8. Some of the DaVille regulars were out of town for first week of summer. Still had three FNGs. The word keep spreading around DaVille about F3

  9. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    48 was the total. Great job! Didn’t hit the mark, but not for lack of trying. We will get there guys. Great Q Flashdance. Enjoyed it.

  10. Glad to see the FNG train at DaVille is still running! Be back next week, I promise!

    Some No Toll regulars keep talking about coming up to check it out….I’m calling you out, DK,and EF Hutton! Clown car it up, we’ll make it worth your while. Coffeeteria afterwards, Circle K is buying! Apologies to Earthworm, but it’s the evil mermaid empire coffee.

  11. Ah well … a valiant effort. We’ll get there.

    I just love that DaVille works out together and then all vacations the same week. Some weird hivemind thing going on in DaVille I don’t yet grasp … yes I need to come out to inspect it firsthand …

  12. Great Q Flashdance!! Bleeder will be glad to hear you got that counting thing under control … Love that you were smoked by your own beatdown… COP Inspired me… Respect!

  13. Johnsonville on

    I had 2 show. The third was under the weather, but he should be out ASAP. I really enjoyed seeing all of the new faces. Unfortunately, no merlot was splashed. 🙁

  14. As I sit here with a wonderful bottle of F3 brew courtesy of Lab Rat, my day winds down with a big fat smile on my face and very tired arms. Great Q Flash Dance and that was an awesome way to introduce so many FNGs to F3. Big cheers to this tribe and keep up the great work. See you in the gloom!