Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Kettlebell Tabata


4 Circus Maximus regulars posted on this humid June morning to get swing some bells and get stronger.  Seeing no FNGs, YHC skipped the formal disclaimer and jumped right into it.

The Thang went something like this:

COP (all IC):

  • Don Quixotes x10
  • Arm Circles 5 small and 5 large, forward and reverse
  • Halos x10 clockwise; x10 counter-clockwise
  • Figure 8s with a twist at the top x10

Kettlebell Tabata – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest and 15 seconds in between exercises; 6 rounds of each exercise:

  • single-arm swings – alternate arms each round
  • bob and weave/electric slide
  • squat & press – hold kettlebell in racked position and press at the top of the squat; switch arms each round
  • double-arm swings and merkins – alternate each round
  • lunge & press – hold kettlebell in racked position and press with opposite arm from the leg you lunge with; switch leg/arm each round
  • clean & press
  • rows & burpees – alternate each round
  • WWII situps & press
  • high pulls – alternate arms
  • double lunges (forward and backward) – alternate legs

Ring of Fire – PAX holds millennium falcon squat while each PAX member drops and performs 10 merkins in rotation

ROF – rotating 2-count flutter kicks x10 and pole-smokers – holding kettlebell overhead for each

Mary — Dolly IC x10; Rosalita IC x10; American Hammers x10 OYO

Numberama, namearama, COT and YHC took us out.

NMS – The humidity was palpable, the sweat was rolling and the mumblechatter was low. I’m not sure I ever stopped sweating from yesterday’s Browns’ Island workout — great time but the afternoon heat is killer.  We packed lots of reps and a good mix of upper and lower body work today.  Very little movement.  If sweat were a measure of success, YHC would put this morning in the win column.  It was a true ground and pound.


  • New AO (Batteau) at Forest Hill Park on Monday 6/20 at 0530.  SF will be planted near the Stone House.  See Hardywood’s Pre-Blast.  I believe this will also be Hardywood’s VQ so come out and support Hardywood and the new AO.
  • The challenge has been issued to get 60 men to post to F3 workouts next Tuesday so EH some guys and let’s hit that number or more.

Well done gents.  It was a pleasure to lead this morning, as always.


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