Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Did you get a free bowl of soup with those shorts?


19 turned out for a Thursday morning beatdown at MM. This is what transpired…

COP: DQ’s, SSH, Freddie Mercuries, Box Cutters
Trees: Tree to Tree alongside MM. Ascending Merkins at each tree. Alternate crawl/run between each
Field: Jacob’s Ladder…WWII situp at mid-field, burpee at end. Begin at 1 and then ascend from there. Finish at start with 10 burpees.
Track: 4 corners with quasi-suicide…Merkins, WWIIs, Jump Squats, Derkin. Once you arrive at next point, advance back to start and redux. Finish on 4th station
Burpee shuffle and a few minutes of Mary

YHC’s morning got off to a great start once he caught sight of TYA’s colorful (and one assumes clean-smelling) shorts. I don’t know if they were more apt for a Dead-concert, but they served as a nice diversion. TYA felt compelled to point out that he had purchased them off the bargain-rack – something we had already deduced upon first sight.

We welcomed 3 FNG’s today (see above) and we look forward to their continued participation in F3. TYA was kind enough to introduce himself to them as the “resident wise-ass”…again, another factoid they simply would have observed themselves given a few minutes with the PAX.

Lab Rat was on point today calling out many of the workouts YHC had planned right before they happened. YHC chalked that off to Lab Rat’s keen sense of perception, skills in abstract geometry, and YHC’s lack of originality.

Reminder, Tuesday is bring as many new and existing PAX to the workout (there are 3 AO’s that day). Our goal is 60 although Bleeder suggested we should shoot for and even higher number.

I had fun guys. Thanks for putting up with me this morning.

Saab abides.


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  1. Enjoyed the opportunity to lead today. Shout out to Hardywood and Swirly for leading the pack during Jacob’s Ladder…and to Flashdance as well as we covered the 4-corners

    Owe you a beer Lab Rat…Thanks man!

    See you in the gloom

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great workout. I was hoping it was over after 30 minutes, that’s always a good sign that your getting your money’s worth. Welcome fescue, hasselhof, and slurpee, also to Aggassi from MSY.

    Shorts are for sale if anyone’s interested. Of course they come with a major amount of ribbing attached to them. Oh well, glad I could provide some amusement (at my expense). My counselor appreciates the additional business it generates!

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Good Q as always Saab! Your comments (ball of man) were certainly well said my man..
    Welcome Slurpee, Haslehoff & Fescue …
    No everybody can rock shorts like that – love it dude !
    Anybody up for some more burpee’s – damn what did we do 5000
    See you boys in the gloom….

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Not everybody can rock shorts like that – is what I meant to say… TYA can pull it off though – atta baby!

  5. Although I may have predicted a couple excersizes, I didnt predict the pain you caused. Solid smoke-fest!

    No worries on the beer, glad to share. If someone felt left out for not getting one, just ask for one and I’ll get you next time.

    -CK1 brewery…”brewing the stuff Lab Rat likes to drink since 2012!”

  6. Honey Do RVA on

    I am struck by the irony of the vitriol for Salmon pants in the same week by the man in those shorts.
    And yes that crapload of burpees hurt. Glad to make it back out to 45 Mom for first time in a while, like seeing the new faces!

  7. Just for the record, I’ll take 100 burpees (approx.) spread out over time, vs 50 burpees in succession (see Lab Rat’s Charles Bronson challenge…aye!)

    Don’t lose those shorts TYA…You are styling

  8. That was hell with all those burpees, thanks for smokin by shoulders for the 3 time this week. I had coffee with Hasselhoff after and I am going to offer him the job but he has to commit to f3. So we are growing and sometimes you need a little arm twisting like make it part of their job duties/description. Thanks again Saab your Qs are always a butt kicker.