Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sally and Ants


4 faithful rolled into SOT early for what turned out to be a rather quiet beatdown.  Here’s how it went down:



Arm Circles – Sobriety Style x15 IC Forward and Reverse

Imperial Walkersx20

Mosey with high knees and butt kickers to the basketball courts for Sally with merkins.

Mosey to the baseball field.

Round 1 – Bear Crawl to first base – 10 Burpees, backward run around the rest of the bases

Round 2 – BC to first/10 Burpees, Crab Walk to second – 20 WWII, backward run

Round 3 – BC to first/10 burpees.CW to second/20 WWII, Lunge to third – 30 plank jacks, backward run

Round 4 – BC to first/10 burpees.CW to second/20 WWII, Lunge to third/30 plank jacks, backward run home – 40 mountain climbers

Mosey to left field for Sally with squats

Mosey to track for Pole Smoker Indian Run

Ring of fire x2 10 merkins each

Mary – American Hammers, Alabama Prom Dates, Heels to Heaven, Side V-ups




HDHH this evening, 530 pm, Browns Island then to Seven Hills – See Preblast by Flashdance


Minimal mumblechatter this morning after Sally.  This was Lugnut’s introduction to Sally and from what YHC could tell he thoroughly enjoyed it.  I could just be projecting my enthusiasm for it.

Lugnut thought about getting in some extra credit mileage when he showed up early this morning but didn’t know what kind of running YHC would bring to the Q and thought better of it.  No running today, sorry to disappoint Lugnut.

During the Pole Smoker Indian Run YHC apparently found a colony of ants and was covered when I got up to move to the next pole.  Some of them stayed with YHC through the rest of the workout.  A few even stuck around for the COT.  Apparently F3 does not repel ants as well as it does ticks.

Word is Wilson no longer resides across the street from the AO and is temporarily residing with his in-laws.  Maybe that will get him out to SOT again soon.

Safe travel wishes to Lugnut as he prepares to escape across the pond for a couple weeks.  Enjoy and don’t forget DK’s advice on the soccer match, hate to see you roughed up by some football hooligans.

Way to work men, a pleasure to lead.


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  1. Great Q Rosie, Not sure which is better, long grass in the city or Dirt & Ants from SOT. Nice work!