Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Off to Blighty


Tribute Ale

4 Southside regulars posted on a cool June morning for a hill run. Here’s how it went up & down:


Run 3 mile loop up from Bettie Weaver, up into Tarrington, across Robious, down Twin Team.

Hill repeats on Twin Team until time is up (1 full hill + 90 seconds up hill)

Mosey back to Bettie Weaver.

Total distance covered ~4.25 miles

COT – Gumbo took us out with a great message of thanks for family, especially for his daughter Lucy who turns 8 today.


Lugnut is disappointed his running pace has slowed from its peak last year. YHC suggested the hills were interfering with his PBs, but Lug blames some extra lbs.

Rosie sandbagged the entire run until the 90 second hill and damn near made it to the top. Respect.

Gumbo has an impressive pace on hills. Keep it up, buddy.

Lugnut is off to the Motherland shortly and is excited to test his driving abilities on the opposite side of the road. YHC explained the drifting factor that most foreign drivers experience on both sides of the pond, causing the car to drift off the road. In fact, the first day M Döner Kebab allowed YHC to drive on his own just outside of Henley-on-Thames, YHC drifted just off the road and he popped a tire (spelled “tyre”). M Döner Kebab not being as prepared as the Boy Scouts of America, YHC had to walk a mile into Henley to find a lugnut wrench (no lie). The only autoparts store in town informed YHC that in England the tool he sought is called a “wheel brace”.

And Lugnut, Torquay is in Devon…not Cornwall…though they are neighbouring counties.

– Don’t order American beer over there…and avoid the crap lagers like Carling. Try the room temperature ales on a hand pump. In particular, order a Tribute (pictured above). When in Rome…
– England plays Slovakia in the Euro 2016 Football tournament on June 20. Find out if Torquay is showing the match in a public viewing area. Don’t support Slovakia…and don’t even joke about supporting Slovakia.
– If you want to avoid boiled fish and potatoes, go to a curry house…and if you’re adventurous, order a Jalfrezi…it’ll blow the top off of your head
– And while in London, you can never go wrong with the Yaki Udon from Wagamama

Safe Travels!

By the way, did anyone else catch Darrell Green on Sportsphone with Big Al this morning? The man!


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Hell of a BB – DK…. Have a great trip Lugnut!
    Way to work today guys – see ya’ll in the gloom…

  2. Great start to the week, gents. Enjoyed the run and the fellowship during and after.

    #TwinTeamHillRepeatsSuck…if your name isn’t Rosie