Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Behold…fresh cut grass


19 faithful and 2 FNGs posted to Dogpile on a cloudy Saturday. Temp was 75 degrees, humidity much higher with the fresh cut fields of Dogwood Dell calling to the PAX to come play. Here is how it went down:

Mosey to COP with disclaimer- 35 SSH, 20 Merkins, 25 Boxcutters, 20 Mtn Climbers, 10 Helicopters.

Mosey to Amphitheater for modified Lucky Horseshoe
Escalating exercises per step up to 5 then drop exercises down to 9th step:
20 Merkins, 20 Mtn Climbers (4 count), 20 Carolina Dry Docks, 20 WWII Situps, 10 Burpees.

Mosey to Pull Up Bars, pair up.  5 Pull-ups, 5 Chin-ups, 15 Dips, run to Maple tree & back.  Repeato x3.

Go halfway up hill to Carillon then:  Tunnel of Love.  

Mosey to Carillon:  Run up, 5 Burpees at top, go down then 20 Flutterkicks at bottom.  Repeato x4.

Mosey back to Flag for COT.

NMS: YHC is known for themes and today’s beatdown was no different but a rather sentimental one of historical significance: 6/4/15 was YHC’s first F3 post so everything was an homage to Loose Goose’s beatdown last year.  That day was the first appearance of the now dreaded Lucky Horseshoe and YHC barely survived that one.  Since Sippy broke out the Lucky Horseshoe at the Amphitheater a few weeks ago YHC had some minor tweaks as the storm squats suck.  4 Ct Mtn Climbers are not much better apparently, and 10 Burpees because who doesn’t love more Burpees.  Speaking of Sippy he burned through the LH in no time per his usual while for many of the PAX this was their first exposure to the classic beatdown.

The Tunnel of love was also a repeat from YHC’s 1st beatdown.  Two observations: of any PAX exercise the TOL creates the most mumblecatter, immediately.  Also there seem to be way more than 21 PAX in the tunnel.  At the end there was quite a bend in the tunnel and although starting uphill finish going downhill.  At least Lab Rat got another time through the TOL as he has been asking for a reappearance for some time.

Great work by the DaVille crew who rolled in 5 deep in their clown car (truck) and nice work Lost & Found.  Also welcome to Seymour and Gucci, solid work on your first posting.  21 at Dogpile is a great sight!

Announcements–  Lost & Found does a bible study every other Friday, talk to him if interested.  Also Phonics is leading a cornhole tournament in Mechanicsville, post to DaVille to find out more…

Again many thanks to the PAX for allowing YHC to lead today and share my story in the COT.  This group has been a powerful inspiration to all of us but YHC is especially grateful to have found F3 RVA.  This last year has been an amazing experience for YHC and cannot wait to see the positive influence it continues to have in our lives.






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  1. Big thanks to HD for leading today. Always love the heart felt COTs, I think the sad clown has been beaten out of you for good!!

    Also thanks to Hardywood for taking the lead on the grass cutting!!!

  2. Also what about a social beat down at Browns island than run to a tasty beverage establishment?

  3. Strong words today at the COT, Honeydo. I’ve been thinking about them all day and have been very encouraged. I always look forward to Honeydo Q’s.

  4. First, I hate clowns… Especially sad face clowns.. But really any clowns.. They are creepy as hell. If the F3 mission is to eliminate clowns I am down for that. The only time a clown might be OK is if it’s a happy face clown flying a Drone. Honey Do great beatdown.. And even better words… Here’s to clown killing!!

  5. Yeah, what flipper said…..unless that’s a felony, in which case I’m out.

  6. Count me in Flipper for this clown killing. I will go to the armory and check out my M16 with M203 grenade launcher. Also in the F3 lexicon is the word “OpraBomb” when someone acts like a girly man.

  7. Honey Do RVA on

    If you hate clowns then avoid Bleeder’s first pass at the Circus Maximus shirt. And yes I left out of the BB that the highlight of ETs was TYA’s Drone, all PAX be sure to ask him about it!

  8. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent Beatdown Honeydo… Your comments about brought me to tears buddy – love it !!!