Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Copernicus gets called out


18 of the faithful and 1 FNG rolled up to the familiar grounds of Mary Munford for some partner up excersizes.  This is what unfolded:

Disclaimer for the sake of FNG and YHC

COP, all IC

  • SSH
  • split jacks
  • russian soldiers
  • arm circles, little and big both ways
  • merkins
  • LBC’s

Partner Tabatas

  • Tabata 1: partner leg tosses
  • Tabata 2: Plank/jump overs

Plank Walk Do-Si-Do

  • Bow to partner
  • Keep same partner, face partner in plank.  IC, plank walk to the four compass points, completing 5 four-count merkins at each point.
  • Bow to partner

Human Steeplechase

  • Break off in two teams single file lines at one end of fields.  First man on each team planks up 6 feet out, next man completes manuever, then planks another 6 feet out.  Continue leapfrogging as a team to other end of fields.  TD Al Gore when complete.
    • Maneuver 1:  Jump over planking men
    • Maneuver 2:  Crawl under planking men
    • Maneuver 3:  Alternate over/under

Indian Run

  • The Blue Angels:  Burpee Indian run back to SF
  • Group B:  standard Indian run back to SF


  • American Hammers, IC courtesy of Marv


  • Jack London’s Credo, read by YHC


First off, lets get some business out of the way:  Flashdance was LIFO….albeit he has been MORE LIFO in the past.  Sippy could also be considered LIFO, but since he rides a bike or runs to the AO, he definitely gets more leeway.  Flashdance also brought YHC a sixer of beer too, so that makes it even on this side of the table.  Corporate did not receive any of said beer though, which might be more difficult keeping that out of Flashdance’s permanent file.

Lots of mumblechatter during COP, which caused a slight hiccup in the counting.  That opened up the flood gates for the Pax to pile on YHC, even offering up youtube suggestions and possible relief counters to be brought in.  YHC blames it all on forgetting his beloved signature Buff this morning.  This led to a whole other issue later involving a return of the Lost and Found incident involving glasses that refused to stay put.

Thanks to those of you that actually “bowed to your partner” during the Do-Si-Do.  Moments like that makes Q’ing a blast.

So that brings us to Copernicus.  Poor Copernicus was heartbroken this morning when he found out this was a Lab Rat Q, and he wouldn’t have his “right hand man” to incessantly talk to him through the entire workout.  Apparently, some people find that kind of thing amusing.  Then, his good buddy Lab Rat called on him for a 10-count to see if he had been learning his way thru the F3 Lexicon.  Crickets….  Upon some guidance, Copernicus successfully counted backwards from 10, and the pax gave him an enthusiastic FEBA! to celebrate.  YHC hopes that Copernicus will continue to want to workout within earshot of YHC in the future, after being called out like that.  Much love, brother!

Also, apologies to Marv for stomping on his cadence goal to YHC’s arbitrarily picked number of the morning (28).  That was going to be beautiful, and YHC ruined it.  Once again, lack of #Buff is the culprit.

Welcome to FNG Meat!  He was a boss this morning during partner tabattas.  Another former baseball player (pitcher), although YHC forgets where he hails from.  Hopefully Rosie can post up a detail or two in the comments.

Other than that, the group pushed hard this morning, and lots of calories were burned.  Well done, men!

Lab Rat


“I would rather be ashes than dust!
I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot.
I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.
The function of man is to live, not to exist.
I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them.
I shall use my time.”

― Jack London


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    -Hardywood is organizing a grass-cutting party at Dogwood Dell tomorrow morning (6/3) 5:30-6:15 a.m. Bring a push mower or weed wacker if you have them. See Lab Rat if you are interested in hearing his NSFW weed wacker joke during grass cutting party.

    -See pre-blast for Fudd’s shed building festivities.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Good work today fella’s – feeling those partner leg tosses – props to my partner Saab for rolling through those bad boys..
    That’s the first time I’ve seen beer delivered to a morning workout – no demerit for that, I think a morning beer delivery is kinda cool – the lifo however – too many of those suckers, and yep that goes in your file for sure…
    Welcome Meat.
    See y’all in the gloom.

  3. Meat hails from the Virginia Military Institute. He is a quite the athlete and is also skilled in leisure sports such as wiffle ball, kick ball, dodge ball and broom ball. I want him on my team if Toga brings his balls back to 45MOM.

  4. In honor of DK, I did call out Darrell Green at the #28 because if I have learned nothing else from DK, I know #28 is sacred to him.

  5. Nice work men.

    Welcome Meat. Great to have another former Keydet baseball player in the F3 Pax. Sorry I missed being there for your first post this morning. Hope to see you back out there soon.

  6. Shout to Lab Rat – you’ve been bringing-on some tough, yet entertaining, workouts lately…No matter what, Swirly still makes it all look easy.

    To your counting or lack thereof, as TYA so appropriately put it: It’s hard to count when you aren’t doing anything.

    Note: Fudd doesn’t abide parking spaces (you were over the line!)

    Saab out

  7. If TYA doesnt present me with an honorary clipboard, I will be sorely disappointed. Thanks for the shout….if I don’t make somebody laugh out loud every workout, I have failed. Glad to hear it was tough on yall Sugar Rays as well.

  8. The depth of Doner Kebab never ceases to amaze me. He’s kind of like a parfait….many layers, and “everybody likes a parfait”. -Donkey

  9. It’s was great to get back into the f3 saddle, BT was right I will question if I really need to go out of town for business or personal reasons. Thanks again Lab Rat and Circle K for the shovel flag!!