Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Gorillas in the mist


5 faithful posted to NoToll to sweat out their Memorial day excess. A simple but effective beatdown went down like this:

Mosey to left soccer field for COP:
25 SSH, 20 Merkins, 25 LBCs, 20 Imperial Walkers, Arm Circles

Sprint half field, jog rest twice. Then sprint whole field.

Mosey to right field for Ascending 4 Corners: start at 10 and increase by 10 each lap to 50: merkins, Mtn Climbers (4 count), Freddy Mercurys, Jump Squats.

Mosey to benches- 20 dips, 10 step up, 20 dips, 10 step up other leg. 20 Derkins

Mosey back to basketball court for mary – APDs, LBC, elbow plank til finish.

COT and Announcements.

NMS: Small but strong PAX this AM. The weather was perfect and YHC could not resist the field for the COP, instead of the parking lot. The fields were covered in mist and not soggy from the weekend rains.

The PAX stayed together for the 4 corners and no real mumblechatter besides some derision about the 4 count Mtn climbers.

Flipper came in right at 5:30, missing LIFO status by mere seconds. Apparently it is easier for him to post to AOs that are over 1 hour away, good to hear you represented RVA well in Raleigh.

EF Hutton on round 1 of 4 corners asked the PAX what Freddy Mercurys were. Maybe his bandana was on too tight or we need to do more of those.

YHC had to ask Gumbo where Rosie was and was told he opted for Spider Run this AM. YHC thinks Rosie was hoping to avoid some Donkey Kicks, well those are on the menu for Dogpile now.


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  1. Simple but effective is right. 40 and 50 4-count mountain climbers were brutal. Definitely got a great sweat going this morning. Nice work men. Great Q Honey Do.

  2. Bandana was indeed too tight, I asked that exact same question of Lab Rat on Saturday. I guess my mind just doesn’t associate bicycle crunches with Bohemian Rhapsody.

  3. Honey Do RVA on

    Kept it simple today for there is a theme already in the works for Dogpile this Saturday.

  4. There’s no place like home…there’s no place like home… That was a beatdown RVA style. Great Q Honey Do. EF Hutton… Think Queen song Bicycle Bicycle I want to ride my Bicycle.