Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Do your shorts have pockets?


4 intrepid runners participated in 1 of 2 runs today…
1) Richmond PAX: southside to northside loop with run around Brown’s Island – 8 miles
2) Arkansas PAX (TYA): 10 miles which included an extreme 4 mile climb.

Before the start we first had to resolve who would Q. Since the honorable TYA was running at a remote location in our nation’s heartland, it fell to Saab. YHC did appreciate Aisle 5 taking the quick initiative to call out the above route which served as a nice change from prior weeks. Upon completion we chatted it up with Udder who was about to venture out with a friend (he admittedly opted for the added sleep at the expense of running under higher temperatures).

After the run we had an enjoyable post-run hangout at ET. Discussions about BRR training do’s and don’ts ensued. YHC was surprised and pleased to hear that Wilson was signed-on for the BRR (although I am reminded this is a cyclic and it may just be his “on-week”).

Enjoyed it guys. Thanks for the great start to the day.

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  1. Great run gentlemen. Way to push it…remember, don’t sweat the time, and the distance will happen.

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Sounds like a good one.

    I Started st 7a eastern time (habit I guess). Foggy and cool to start. By the time I hit the turnaround, the sun was up and it was approaching 70. Second half of run much easier as it was mostly downhill. No 2nd F at ellwoods. That sucked.

    See you next week

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Saab, thanks for the inclusion in the backblast. I’m sure toga will have some comment on my remote workout being included.

  4. Saab rest assured I will be at BRR – Bleeder sealed that deal! Today’s run was fun. Saab did a great job of splitting his time between looping back and running with each of us for about a mile at a clip. A great job of how a divorced dad would split his time. Thanks man! The ride home in the Subaru was fun and bitter sweet as on June 15 I will no longer live in the 23112 area. Might have been the last ride! Have no fear Aisle 5, this ride ranks in the top 2! See you fellas in the gloom soon! #runningsucks #mynippleshurt

  5. As a new “runner” at the young age of 50, I look to the guys that appear to have this running thing down for success tips. So when there is a seasoned runner in my group, i.e. 20 miles the day before the Sunday trail run, I try to understand the subtle nuances that may affect their ability to be a better runner. Like maybe having shorts with pockets? That could be the secret to running the Sunday trail run with more speed? One never knows an answer if one never asks…hey Saab.

    Also I need to give a huge shout out to Doner Kabab and Wilson. Without their unending technical support I would not be able to comment in this back blast. I now have a 26 digit password to F3 nation. I am secure. Wilson I also promise to continue to work on increasing my speed through the toll booths even after you move. I guess I will only know how fast I can go when I actually hit the gate arm.

  6. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    I can’t believe I never noticed the shorts pockets. That must be why Saab is so fast. On my way to store now to test theory for tomorrow. I hope I am as fast as him with the new wardrobe!!!

  7. Gentle reminder…running tights with pockets goes beyond just a poor fashion choice.