Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lots of counting


9 posted for a countdown fest at Circus Maximus.  It went something like this:

Circle up for an extended COP.  The PAX completed the following exercises for 30 seconds each with the first round including 30 seconds rest between each exercise.  Round 2 = 30 secs on and 25 secs rest, Round 3 = 30 secs on and 20 rest… down to no rest for the last set.

  • Swings (single arm option)
  • High Pulls
  • Goblet Squats
  • Deadlift (single leg balance option)
  • Weighted Sit-up
  • Clean and Press (alternating hands each set)

Bonus round= 30 secs of Halos, Lunges, Lawn Mower Row, and American Hammers with 30 secs rest between each exercise: repeato x2

Finish with the Rosie’s prom date to press to extend maneuver

NMM:  The PAX caught on rather quickly to the descending amount of rest as we went through our little routine, and there was very little mumble chatter.  YHC tried to keep the rotation fair and balanced on the single arm exchanges, but we were off by one.  My apologies to JVille on ruining his bodybuilding career.

The PAX also had a visit from Henrico 5-0.  The same cruiser came by twice or the first one called a buddy to see the circus.  Either way, we were not stopped for questioning.  This proved helpful as YHC was trying to count the time throughout each set.  As DK so wisely noted, “there are phones for that,” but then maintaining the flow of AC/DC would have been complicated.

Thanks to all for the opportunities to lead this week.  Strong work by a strong group, Aye!

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  1. Döner Kebab on

    Not sure if my back hurts after that one…or if it is just that much stronger…
    Solid Q. Total ground covered: 0.0 miles

  2. I REALLY want to put my name down for RAMM tomorrow to make you have to ask me for the Q…but it’s still blank.

    Good job, men!

  3. @DK: I forgot to mention our distinct lack of mileage. Earthworm noted that we may have broken his record.

  4. Bummer….I heard you got a new long rod, I was going to see if you wanted to break it in this weekend. We’ll catch up soon.

  5. Honey Do RVA on

    Great Q Toga, always good to be drenched in sweat with zero running. As an aside can the CM shirt design include a cartoon likeness of Jville crushing asphalt doing his American Hammers?

  6. Johnsonville on

    I do like to put the “Hammer” in American Hammers. If I catch a finger under the kettlebell, it is going to do some real damage. I hope that would not impact my bodybuilding career. Great workout this morning.

  7. @Toga, does the Q streak have something to do with the new long rod? Increased testosterone and a need to lead?

  8. Ahhhh, it’s like being in middle school! THIS is why we cant have tomatoes!