Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hillcrest is under construction


3 stalwarts posted on a sunny Wednesday evening.

The Thang:

Extended hillcrest loop. Run down West Hillcrest, left towards Charmian, Follow Charmian around to East Hillcrest. Back up East Hillcrest to finish the loop. Repeat x3.


When we arrived, the Richmond road repaving crew was already set and ready to roll. That left very little parking and space for the PAX to park. Swirly and I found enough parking and waited for any additional PAX. TSB arrived shortly after having walked up the hill from here house. She refuses to take a ride up the hill because its a two minute walk (cannot argue with her logic).

Road paving operations were underway, so we modified our route to minimize the time on East Hillcrest. It ended up being a good call as the pavement operations were both smelly and hot. Additionally the vehicles were spewing out there diesel exhaust. Made for a hard run…but we prevailed.

Next week we will find a new route so that we miss the repaving….

TYA out


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