Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hot Potato @ NoToll – Round 2


Nine F3 RVA Faithful assembled at NoToll to welcome the sun back from its 3 week journey behind the rain clouds. Shooter & Rosie planted YHC’s shovel flag and our workout went something like this:


Mosey 50 feet towards fields

COP: 28 SSH, 20 Crab Cakes, 10 Slow Don Quixotes, 15 Merkins, 10 Box Cutters

Mosey to tennis courts

Around the World – Daft Punk style (w/ music)

Q to Wedding Singer

Mosey to tennis courts 3 & 4

4 Corners: 5 burpees, 10 squat jumps, 15 werkins, 20 WWIIs

Q to Ricky Bobby

Slow LBCs in cadence (subsequent fail)

Suicides on slick surface. Repeato x2

Q to Lug Nut

Mosey back to basketball court

Golden State Warriors Crap Defense – Side Shuffle widths, run lengths x 2

Q to Shooter

Criss-Cross Court Layup Run

Q to Rosie

Mosey to public loos

Triple Check: peoples chair, merkins, run to gate (audibled to speed bump)

Q to Viral

Mosey to pavilion between cornhole set & beach volleyball court

Partner Tabattas: Dips & Monkey Humpers

Q to YHC

Mosey to flag

5 burpees OYO


That felt like a lot of activity this morning…and damn if it didn’t take YHC all day to write this BB.

After a successful night of service at The Doorways that wouldn’t have been possible had YHC not delegated work to the PAX, YHC carried on the delegation right into this morning’s NoToll. Well done to the majority of the PAX for stepping up to lead an exercise.

The Daft Punk was a crowd pleaser…YHC downloaded it last night and never remembered it being 7:09 minutes. Audible was called just before 6 minutes. Lug Nut was relieved…but the Ohrwurm was unleashed and several of the PAX could be heard singing Around the World during the rest of the workout(http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=ohrwurm)

Not sure what happened during Ricky Bobby’s Slow LBCs in cadence…but the PAX didn’t even make it to 2…maybe not even to 1.

35 total men at 3 F3RVA workouts this morning. Bad ass.


Flashdance was thinking of leading June’s HDHH on Brown’s Island with a 45 min workout + a visit to Triple Crossing Brewery.

Flashdance on Q at 45MOMM.
YHC on Q at Circus Maximus.

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  1. I liked the hot potato. Flashdance kept asking for the Q but we didn’t get around to him today. I think he’s stockpiling some ideas for 45MOMM

  2. Great Q DK (and others). I liked the variety. And, personally I loved RB’s slow-count LBCs. I did at least 10.

  3. Nice job to the Q (and PAX) on the Hot Potato!

    And you can only blame Daft Punk for me messing up RB’s counting!!