Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

DaVille done blowed up!


YHC rolled up to a crowded parking lot this morning, thanks to the quality EH’ing of The Carpenter and Abacus!  Circle K planted the shovel flag while YHC put on his shoes.  16 men (including 3 FNG’s) came out to make today a great day, and it went down something like this:

COP (all IC)


Copperhead Squats

Skip Jacks

Arm Circles little and big….Reverso



Parking lot Tracers

Mosey to bus loop for 4 corners:

X20 merkins

X20 2 count flutter kicks

X20 Dips

X20 WWII situps


Mosey to closest basketball court:

-Partner burpee suicides: 

One runs burpee suicides while partner sits in the people’s chair. Rinse and repeat.

Triple check:

-Run loop around lone car in parking lot

-Alabama Prom Dates

-Balls to the Wall (courtesy of Circle K)

Mosey to flag for 3 Minutes of Mary:

-Flutter Kicks



YHC had a game plan in mind this morning for 5-6 guys of similar fitness levels.  That game plan got completely demolished by half of The Carpenter’s congregation (the male half) showing up for a beatdown this morning.  OK, let’s wing it!  The funny thing is usually new guys are kinda quiet, because they might only know 1 or 2 guys and they are out of their comfort zone.  Not this clan!  These guys were ready to dig in to a whole heaping pile of F3….and who is YHC to disappoint?

YHC is grateful that Bleeder and Circle K posted this morning to help out with demonstrations and keeping up with where guys were during the workout.  Over half this group was either true FNG’s or posting to their first official AO, so explanations were higher than normal for a non-Fudd-attended workout.  All went smoothly though, and we didnt lose anyone.  Also, for those that brought out the enthusiasm, that was beautiful!  Q’ing this morning was an endeavor, but the positive attitudes made it fun.

Also, a big thanks to Abacus and The Carpenter for the A+ job on EH’ing!  YHC hopes that all these fine gentlemen will continue to post, and drag their friends and neighbors out along with them.  All men welcome.

One final word:  There were guys of various fitness levels out there this morning so YHC wants to ensure that everyone knows these workouts are designed to be tough for everyone.  “You versus you”  means do what you can, then move on.  Another way of saying it is “fake it til you make it”.  Also, most importantly, know that we WANT you here.  It can really suck at first, but if you keep coming out, you WILL improve.  “The workouts don’t get easier, YOU just get stronger.”

One final note:  TClaps to Grabber and Arm Pit for embracing their (relatively new) F3 names.  Way to lean in to it!  (Arm Pit reminds YHC of Jim Brewer, and Grabber has hand gestures, like he came from Charlotte…..just think of Guiness….only his name is “Grabber”)


  • DaVille T-shirts are available for pre-order thru June 1:  http://f3.mudgear.com/collections/va-richmond/products/f3-richmond-daville-pre-order
  • Spider Run T-shirts also available for pre-order
  • There are workouts every day across the Richmond area.  Check the schedule and post often.

See ya’ll in the gloom,

Lab Rat






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  1. Great workout Lab rat! We had a total of 16 plus, 10 from Spider and 9 at noToll ….. Total if 35 men! Great job #F3RVA!

  2. Nice job Lab Rat! Welcome to the FNGs I’m sure we’ll see you outside DaVille soon enough!

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    F3RVA baby …. Great job Daville with the FNG’s – let’s keep filling up these AO’s fella’s – Corporate see’s you…

  4. Missed you this morning, Bags. Let me know if you want to come to DogPile Saturday!

  5. That was a blast! Great job Qing this AM Lab Rat. I don’t know what EFing is, but I will assume it is good. HA! BTW, Opus was a FNGer as well. So that is 4 FNGers for the record.

  6. Emotional Headlock….the process of pressuring a guy into coming to his first workout. It’s what you do best (cause you suck at counting).

  7. Great Q LabRat. Welcome to the FNGs that posted this am. It was great to have such a large crowd at DaVille and enjoy the fellowship of the group.

  8. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Can’t wait to meet everyone. Great job guys. Lab rat, love the shout out to Fudd in the backblast

  9. Döner Kebab on

    Terrific description: “explanations were higher than normal for a non-Fudd-attended workout”
    Way to go DaVille!

  10. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Those F3 handles are awesome. Looks like I will need to get my passport and make a trip to Daville next week. GREAT WORK!