Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The forecast was right


3 strong posted to Gridiron to play in the rain. Conditions varied between pouring and a downpour. YHC planted the shovelflag and the PAX was off:

Mosey to far shelter for COP – 25 SSH, 20 DQs, 20 LBCs, 20 Derkins, 15 Helicopter

Mosey to grass – 20 Burpees OYO

Triple Check

Mosey to bleachers for Chiabattas – Bench-kicks and DIPS – 5 sets

Mosey to road for Curb Crawls – up to 6 and then back down

Mosey to bus loop shelter – 3 PAX indian run with flutterkicks and feet 6 inches. Go all the way to front of Prison Yard.

Grab a wall for Donkey Kicks & Merkins. Start with 10 of each, jog to end of yard & back. Increase by 5 up to 30.

Mosey back to Flag for some Mary – Freddy Ms, APDs, American Hammers. COT. Dry off and proceed to coffeteria.

NMS: YHC woke up around 4 and expected to hear rain coming down but it looked clear so YHC went back to sleep assuming maybe the rain would hold off, however was awoken at 5:30 to the sounds of a downpour. YHC intended to work the PAX into the terrible conditions slowly by doing the COP in one of the shelters. However on the run over the entire field was a river so the PAX went for it with 20 burpees in the mud right off. Jville went out of his way to splash in the water as if he had on rainboots. Running during the triple check was fun for all as every step was potentially dangerous.

The Chiabattas with benchkicks were a hit, those hurt after 5 sets. Doing a 3 man indian run down the length of the bus loop was exhausting as each PAX got up & down at least 50 times. It turned out to be a flutterkick / richard kimball combo. All PAX were done in by the Donkey Kick and Merkin combos, the DKs are more fun with soaked shoes. The highlight of the beatdown was watching Earthworm tip over during the American Hammers. There was discussion as to whether it is a lack of muscle or coordination afterwards, YHC believes the latter. YHC is sure this has to be the wettest beatdown in his F3 experience, it was a pleasure to lead.

Good times coffee afterwards!


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  1. Excellent Q, great workout, and terrific Second F.

    Add lack of rhythm to weak core and coordination malfunction and you will have described by American Hammer failure.

    Otherwise, an enjoyable workout under your watch care in conditions that generally play to my advantage. If we played tackle surely someone would have drowned.

    Well done Honey Do!

  2. Johnsonville on

    Great Q. That was one of the toughest beatdowns I have experienced with F3. Emjoyed it!