Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

DaVille extension….Baseball!


10 rose up meet at 615 in front of our cabins at the Williamsburg Christian Retreat Center for a F3 experience as we were all together for a men’s retreat . Abacus let everyone know to work out at their own pace, we are not professionals and you need to listen to your bodies.

Mosey over to the field 1/3 of a mile from cabins

SSH x25
Don Quixote x15
Arm Circles 15/5
LBCs x25

The Thang:

Run to 1st Base – Who is on First – Heels to Heaven 10/20/10
Run to 2nd Base – What is on Second – Merkins 10/20/10
Run to 3rd Base – I don’t know – Burpees 10/20/10
Home sweet Home – Trees – Run to tree and back “x” number of people behind you
(3x – first round 10 each, then 20, then 10 again)

20 count recover

Mosey to 2nd base

“Second to the Wall”
Bear Crawl to middle of field
Frog hop to Center field wall
Crab walk to middle of field
Imperial Walked to 2nd base

10 count recover

Mosey back to cabins:
Flutter x25
Scissors x15
WWII x15
Yankers 6 count x5


The Carpenter called Abacus and said an intro of F3 was needed at a Restoration Church men’s retreat. Abacus listened and obeyed. He scouted out the area and thought of No Tool and his affinity to baseball. In counsel with The Carpenter they developed a “Baseball” workout to introduce F3 to some men.

10 men started out and one (Modifier) went out and ran on while all others finished moseying to the baseball field. Running to a different # of trees was appreciated by the pack as it brought everyone back together. We still enjoyed planking as we appreciated the struggle of 3rd base. Everyone was happy to be finished with baseball till “2nd to the Wall” was announced and engaged.

Moseying back to residence brought an ab play out of Abacus as we had some time left. With 8 FNGers we spent some time on etiquette and enjoyed naming everyone. It started out with Spit telling us a little about himself and then spitting. It then ended with Gill talking about his reputation to release people to the industry and not wanting “guillotine” to be a distraction to co-workers he may invite to F3 in the future. A good time was had by all. The Carpenter led us out in a solid, soul searcher prayer.

DaVille normal is at 530 sharp at Atlee High School. There are 13+ other F3 sightings every week. Check the website for time and locations.


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  1. This was posted by Lab Rat, but QIC was Abacus. Great job on what I think was your VQ??? Sounds like a solid intro to eight FNG’s. Hopefully these gentlemen will be posting to Daville and all over the RVA soon!

    I would like to extend laurels and hardy handshakes to Spit, Arm Pit, Care, Grabber, Gill, The Hack, Emoji, and Modifier!

  2. That sounds like an awesome workout. What a great way to clear the mind and start a mens retreat. Welcome to all. Hope to see each one of your at future workouts throughout RVA.

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great job men. Welcome to F3, hope to see you at another AO soon.