Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Volume and Repetition at the Circus


7 CM stalwarts and 1 CM rookie posted to participate in feats of strength with kettlebells at the Circus Maximus.  Today’s workout was all about volume and repetition,  and it went something like this:

Mosey/farmer’s carry around the CM loop, then circle up for COP

  1. Arm Circles IC (5 small, 5 large, forwards then backwards)
  2. SSH IC x20
  3. Halo IC x10 clockwise, then reverse x10
  4. Around the body x10
  5. Modified figure 8s with a twist at the top x20

Mosey to sidewalk next to the school for a double-arm swing and merkin combination.  20 double-arm swings, followed by 10 merkins, then repeato counting down by 1 merkin to 1 until we complete 200 double-arm swings and 55 merkins.

Mosey/jog around the CM loop for a short break from the bells.

Back to the sidewalk for a kettlebell ladder: Round 1 (or the base round) = single-arm swings (x5 each arm), high pulls (x5 each arm), side lunges (x5 each side) and curls (x5 each arm).  Round 2 consisted of Round 1 + up-right rows x5.  Round 3 consisted of Round 1+ Round 2 + squat presses x5.  Round 4 consisted of Round 1 + Round 2 + Round 3 + clean and press x5.

Partner up for a quick discount double-check.  Round 1 – Partner 1 farmer’s carry to end of the loop and back; Partner 2 perform bridge/press/pullovers. Round 2 – Partner 1 karaoke to end and shuffle back – holding bell out front; Partner 2 perform the bob and weave (basically a side lunge with a squat/avoid the punch move).

Mary – flutter kicks IC x20 while holding your bell up and then WWII + press x10 OYO.

COT and YHC took us out with thanks for perfect F3 morning and a friendly reminder of something that I heard at a beautiful memorial service yesterday – one day our time here will come to an end but our spirit and our legacy will live on in our kids, our grandkids and in all those we meet or whose lives we touch while we are here, so be mindful of that in your words and your actions – they do leave an imprint!

Welcome to CM EF Hutton – hope to see you back out there.  For those who have not tried CM, come give it a shot. DK has the CM Q next Thursday.


  1. Service opportunity – preparing and serving dinner (well, likely breakfast for dinner) and visiting with the folks at the Doorways – Monday evening.  See DK for details.
  2. Lockjaw has RAMM tomorrow
  3. Honeydo has Gridiron and Sippy Cup has Dogpile for what is certain to be a wet and wild Saturday.

Congrats on the VQ at 45MOM this morning Marv – sounds like it was a great beatdown!

Good work men!  A pleasure and an honor to step into the circle and lead a strong group of gladiators this morning at Circus Maximus!

Have a great day men, Gumbo.


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  1. Excellent Q Gumbo. The merkin ladder was tough after yesterday’s Lugnut door to door merkin festival. Although this is one time I can say I was happy LBCs were left off the list.

  2. A festival? Now that’s a great way to explain to the public what we do. Come join us for a beat down festival you will never be the same. Nice work I think I may need to see what CM is all about. Nice Q Gumbo!!!

  3. Rosie, I thought about calling an audible after the door-to-door merkin festival but I didn’t want to cheat our Circus Maximus brothers like that. Plus, I knew you could handle it.

    I’ll apologize now to Bleeder and TYA – I don’t think 445 merkins and a couple hundred kettlebell swings in two days is the best way to prep for a golf outing.