Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

OLD GLORY debuts at DaVille


The breezes of the impending Mid-May storms blew OLD GLORY north of the river this am and 6 faithful RVA PAX went straight to work.  This is how it went down:

OYO, as fast as each PAX member can run a mile.  Start at the shovel flag LabRat planted at the front of the parking lot, exit parking lot to main road through Atlee to the gate past the pond behind middle school, circle back to the second shovel flag planted by YHC at the 1.0+ mile mark.  Gather when all PAX reaches second flag, mosey with OLD GLORY to soccer field next to baseball field for 20 minutes of four corners.

Corner 1 – merkins x 20

Corner 2 – Jump Squats x 20

Corner 3 – Burpees x 20

Corner 4 – WWII situps x 20

At end of 20 minutes, PAX gathers back at OLD GLORY for a fun run back to the first shovel flag as Abacus carries OLD GLORY.

5 minutes of Mary – LBCs, Flutterkicks, Alabama Prom Dates, Freddie Mercury’s, Mountain Climbers

COT – YHC took us out thanking God for the bodies he gave us and the ability to sharpen them to make our community better.

YHC wanted to introduce OLD GLORY to a couple of weeks ago, but a rainy Tuesday kept the PAX small, so YHC put it in the back pocket until we had a larger group.  As the old saying goes, “Misery loves company”.  The entire PAX attacked the beatdown with everything they had, right from the start as Abacus, Phonics and LabRat leading the initial run to the gate.  YHC thinks the run may have been a little over 1 mile, so YHC will have to track the mileage a little for the next edition of OLD GLORY.  As the PAX made their way to soccer field for four corners, the PAX went right after it as soon as OLD GLORY was planted.  Abacus and Phonics crushed each corner completing 3.75 laps.  Baggage Claim and YHC also got 3.75 laps, just not as smoothly.  LabRat completed 3.5 laps and The Carpenter completed 3.25 laps using fine form on each exercise throughout.  As the PAX separated a little this morning, YHC did not hear much mumblechatter, although during the fun fun back to the front of the parking lot, The Carpenter commented about the pace set by Abacus.  As YHC was confident Abacus would push us back to the front of the parking lot, hence the reason for selecting Abacus to carry the flag.  The ultra-slow Freddie Mercury’s did bring about some mumblechatter from the PAX and YHC takes that as an approval of a good ending to a beatdown.  As F3 is about You Against You, OLD GLORY is the ultimate way to measure yourself against yourself, and today’s version was a great baseline.  All in all, a great workout and great start to a Tuesday.

As always, it was a pleasure and honor to lead a great group of F3 RVA men.

Circle K


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  1. Great work this morning gents. Was great to introduce OLD GLORY to DaVille regulars.

  2. A first for me doing Old Glory. I was thoroughly smoked at the end. Great to see the group coming together up here…EH’ing plans in the works for all pax going forward!

    Well done, Circle K