Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Punishment


Seven joined The Punisher on a brisk mid-May morning to get a good start on the week.

The Thang:

Jog around parking lot. Warm up – Don Qs, Slow bending Squats, SSH, Box Cutters

Partner up.

One partner plank one arm high, other lap around school, repeat

One Partner legs 6 inches off ground, other lap around school, repeat

One partner balls to the wall, other lap around parking lot, repeat

Curb crawls – line up on opposite sides, partners take turns increasing increments of merkins by 1 up to 20.

One partner holds chin above pull-up bar, other runs to school and back, repeat two times

Mosey to picnic tables, round 1 – 30 dips and 30 WWII sit-ups, round 2 – 10 Bulgarian squats each leg, 25 flutter two-count. Lunge towards flag until everyone finishes.


Good showing guys, was noted that the James River run had a kickoff this morning which may have pulled a few of the running crowd from The Punisher. The idea of this workout was drawn from Toga’s partner workout a few weeks ago, the essence being to push yourself as your partner holds a difficult core strengthening exercise. As was declared, if one of the PAX failed to hold the position during the workout, everyone would be subjected to an additional punishment follow up exercise.  It is duly noted that no additional workouts were dished out, YHC himself failed the pullup routine and well, the curb crawls were suspect at best. Maybe it was just a mind game to incentivize the PAX to not fail, or maybe YHC noticed the allotted time was elapsing. Though Offshore did note that it couldn’t seem likely the punishment was as tolling as the initial exercise itself. TBD.

Great speed shown by Offshore and Hardywood, who donned actual sneakers today to ‘keep us on our toes’.  YHC learned Swirly lifts weights on his day off to keep his beach bod in check. His tenacity is remarkable.

Normal workouts this week. Wednesday’s mid-month fellowship event will be the run near Honey-do.



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Singer Q’s are always a solid beatdown – well done man..
    Good work guys.
    See y’all in the gloom….

  2. Great Q …dang Hardywood is fast…And I am a little slow… Sorry Swirly may rethink the partnership next time W singer or Toga has the Q