Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Car Alarms and 800s


Four of the faithful met in the early morning darkness at #SourceOfTruth. A very light rain fell on and off during the morning, but not enough to matter. Johnsonville took the Q and led a workout along these lines:

Mosey to 1/4 mi. track. Remove large tractor tire. COP.
25x ssh
25x don quiote
12x merkins
36x imperial walkers -> hillbillies

800m mosey around track en masse to warm up

crab walk to center of track
8x 8-count burpees (pan pax)

mosey to straightaway on far side of track
800m run at brisk pace OYO

bear crawl to center of track
mosey to straightaway on near side of track
50x LBCs

800m run at brisk pace OYO
feet-first crab walk to center of track
8x 8-count burpees (pan pax)

mosey to straightaway on far side of track
800m run at brisk pace OYO
10x single leg Alabama prom dates (right)
10x single leg Alabama prom dates (left)
regular Alabama prom dates to failure

4 minutes of Mary
Mosey around track and back to SF



One of the bus drivers, who arrived early to prep her school bus set off the bus’ alarm and could not manage to turn it off without LugNut’s assistance and technical expertise. After initial success, LugNut returned to the F3 group, which was waiting for the 530 workout to begin. The alarm went off again. He assisted again, seemingly achieving success again. As our group jogged off to the track, we heard the alarm go off once again. We decided to let the chips fall where they may. I reckon the bus’ battery eventually ran out. I hope the kids found a way to get to school.

Most of the #SOT PAX has now adopted YHC’s lyrical interpretation Hillbillies. #flattered.

There was no complaining at all about the 800s this morning. I think LugNut was so happy that YHC stepped up to Q that he was prepared to cheerfully accept whatever fate was delivered.

The southside PAX was strong this morning in every way, and it was a pleasure and an honor to lead.

— Jville

P.S.: It being the general consensus among southsiders that the Wed. afternoon runs are logistically difficult for us, we are starting a southside hill run on Monday mornings called #RiverRun. #RiverRun will convene at Betty Weaver ES. The goal, I think, would be to continue this AO at least up to BRR. Look for a preblast on this topic from Rosie.


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  1. That bus alarm…………that’s what woke me up! LOL. Sorry I missed SOT today. The travelling from east to west then back took it’s toll! See you all soon.

  2. Just a little Southside music to get the workout kicked-off right. Great work this morning men.

  3. Johnsonville on

    I guess if we were north of the river, people would demand Bock or that Badoven fella. Yuck! I can’t hillbilly dance to that shi**!

  4. No word whether the bus alarm was set off intentionally to try to get Wilson out of the fartsack. No such luck. The 800s were a welcome middle distance variation between the normal sprints or long runs.

  5. The highlight of the workout on the soaking wet football field. Next exercise is “crabwalk to the puddle in the middle of the field” I was truly expecting J’ville to say the next exercise is LBC’s in the puddle. Maybe next time. Good work mean!