Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

This sucks, let’s do something else


Three of the faithful and 1 FNG used questionable judgement, and posted to DaVille during a lightning storm.  Really?!?  OK then, let’s roll…


All, IC:  SSH, Skip Jacks (?), Don Quixote, Merkins, (maybe another thing or two)


-Parking lot tracers:  Run up parking stripe, karaoke over to next stripe, run backwards down.  Repeato to the first island then face other direction.  Go to the end of parking lot.

-Mosey to soccer field for “Love Angle”.  No hill to work with, so YHC modified this crowd pleaser to match the terrain.  Partner up, partner runs to first light pole, then angles down to beach volleyball court.  Touch the net and run back to tag out partner.  Partner closes the distance alternating between lunges, broad jump burpees, and walk out merkins.

-11’s across the soccer field, pole smokers and Richard Kimbles burpees.

-Ring of Fire (Rosie style):  Pax starts in touchdown Al Gore, first man drops for 10 merkins, then holds plank, send it around.  Back to first man 10 merkins then back to TDAG, send it around until everyone gets a turn.

1 MOM:  Flutter Kicks brought to you by TYA


YHC was very happy to see TYA roll in….and to have finally got Randy (FNG) to post.  Baggage Claim continues to make DaVille his home on Tuesday mornings…he is a reliable face in the gloom here now.  Gotta get him out to meet the RVA crowd though.  The pax was treated to some nice distant lightning as we got going this morning, so I am sure it was a downpour on the south side for Gumbo’s VQ.  Hope it went well down there!

The workout started out innocent enough….with TYA calling parking lot tracers “fun”.  Ok, time to tighten the screws.  Love Angle let everyone (including YHC) know we were here to work.

11’s was initially called out as pole smokers and Richard Kimbles.  The pax chose to do RK’s descending, so after the first round of excersizes, it seemed cruel and unusual to go thru that many of THAT excersize.  Audible was called, switch to standard burpees.  Also of note, pole smokers were done on an incline, which really worked some magic late in the reps, at least to YHC.

The weather stayed pleasant, with no lightning strikes….so that’s good.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead, gentlemen!

Also, welcome to Randy (Phonics)!  Phonics is a great guy that I hope will quickly become a regular to DaVille and other AO’s.  Thanks for coming out, brother!


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great title – and love the F3 name for FNG that’s awesome welcome Phonics !
    Way to work guys !

  2. Thanks, Swirly! We were mulling over some mediocre names, and Phonics stated he is teaching math, and used to teach history, but he stinks at English…Baggage Claim jumped all over that, he gets credit for the name!

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Good beatdown. A little dissappointed that we didn’t get to do more Richard kimball a (not). Great to have phonics out there. Great wisdom throwing out the other name called. Might have been an issue