Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



18 came out to see the sun – an infrequent sight these days.

The Thang:

20 SSH, 20 DQ, 20 Russian Soldiers, 15 copperhead squats

Mosey over to the field in front of the Carillon for modified triple checks. Pax at one end of the field doing squat jumps, Pax at the other end doing Carolina dry docks, a runner set them in motion. Each pax does 4 runs.

Head up to the woods for touch a tree. 3 trees with incremental burpees at each tree. 7 new trees with incremental merkins. 11 new trees for speed.

Head down past the pull up bars, down the trail to the road by the pump house. Modified Dora.

Partner up and while one runs up the pipeline and back down the trail, the other does the following: 41 burpees, 141 merkins, 241 flutter kicks, 341 LBCs.

Why 41 you say? Today is YHC’s 41st b-day and its time to celebrate with a little extra effort.

Head up love hill to the wall next to the bowl. Partner up and one partner does balls to the wall and the other runs the bowl and back – bear crawling the hills. Switch and repeat.

Two minutes of Mary – APD, American Hammer.

Swirly took us out.

There was a seal team wedding going on with technical tuxedo t-shirts and tutus. A sight to see.

Way to go Saab for running to the workout, pushing hard and then running home for 18 miles distance.

There is an outstanding ruling on whether Wilson is in attendance for today’s workout despite leaving 26 minutes into it. I think the pairing up with teams of 3 and teams of 2 made him uneasy. Corporate is confirming attendance based on policy.

2nd F at ET where fun and good times were had by all.

Announcements: Lockjaw has Q on Wednesday’s BRR training run, if the back allows. There will be a pre-blast with specifics, but I am thinking of of a later start (6:00/6:15 PM) and we will rally at 3 Sports for the Devil’s Pitchfork.


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  1. Great Q. Learning half-way through that it was Lockjaw’s birthday made all the extra effort worthwhile. Did not anticipate so much running. Consensus was it was clocked at 3 mi, so it felt good to bring me over my target today. (Ran by ET but thought better of going in..figured I wouldn’t leave or succumb to a ride home.)

    Thanks to EF Hutton. Although he is not a certified trainer, his critique of my Carolina Dry Docks (looking much like Merkins) was duly noted. Saab eventually did abide…

    Thoughts out to Fudd. I am certain there will be many doors opened for you. Stay positive man.

    Rock on Lockjaw….Saab out

  2. Brain Tumor on

    Solid work, Lockjaw. And extra kudos for fighting through an uncooperative back. Saturday at Dogpile is always a solid beating.

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Happy Birthday Lockjaw – good Q buddy !
    Way to work this morning guys – loved the big turn out @ dpile !
    As I said this morning – I am thankful – feel blessed and proud to be a part of F3RVA -I pray God will continue to bless us and lead us to be the men he has called us to be.


  4. Flashdance on

    Swirly I could have not said that better. When I joined f3 life was great; family, business nothing was really wrong. But there was something missing something that I could not but my finger on or explain but it was real and I felt it. The problem was as I now know was missing was a gathering of men pushing each other to express their GOD given potential to live life on purpose with passion in our hearts. I feel truly blessed that I found you guys, what a great Q Lockjaw and happy 41st!!!!

  5. Great Q and Happy birthday Lockjaw! Way to keep us on our toes with the varied speed cadence.

  6. Loved the ET this morning, good to get to know Goldberg a bit, and good to have Lockjaw bust my chops regarding my chatty nature, and nicknames. I’ve got to start posting here more often.

    Happy birthday, Lockjaw, how it was a great day!

  7. Great Q and solid beat down. Thanks Lockjaw. Happy birthday. I hope the back feels better. Great time at ET, as always.

    The last 2 months since my first post have been great. I feel stronger in many ways. I too am thankful for F3RVA.

    We’ve got your back Fudd. Will keep an ear to the ground for you.

  8. Wilson_RVA on

    So, couple of things…Great Q Lock Jaw and happy birthday! Fudd – whatever you need – just ask! As for my attendance question – put an absence in my file if necessary, but a gold star for decision making! Not only did I avoid 41 burpees ( yeah – you are all thinking the same thing) I was able to get home to he family in time for the Komen race – which I ran with Lugnut! Have a great week fellas!

  9. Flashdance on

    Who remembers a visitor from NC, that after our prayer he said he was looking for sales reps in the medical field for Richmond area. This was about 3 months ago at Mary Mumford? This would be a great contact for Fudd!!

  10. Thanks to all for the Birthday Cheer. It’s been a great weekend. Wilson, we will put you down as in attendance with the double dip on the 5k.

  11. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Happy birthday! I agree on attendance for Wilson because of double dip, but Swirly has the final call