Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back to the Track


6 faithful and 1 FNG showed up ready to work at Source of Truth.  It’s not NoToll so it was just damp and not rainy.  A warm up lap around the bus loop to catch the LIFO and Bobber with a tight back. Disclaimer and we were off…


Warm a Rama IC-  DQx10, Seal Jacksx25, Peter Parker x15, Overhead Claps x20
Mosey to the school for a triple check – Balls to the wall, ww2 and run to that tree and back.
Slide over to the bus loop for curb crawls 1 to 5.

Mosey to the track for a little bit of speed work.
100 yds at 75%, crunchy frogsx10 IC
100 yd jog, 100 yd sprint, merkins x 10 IC, crunchy frogs x 10 IC
100 yd jog, 200 yd sprint, ISW x 10 OYO, merkins x 10, CFx10
100 yd jog, 300 yd sprint, Alternate shoulder taps x10, ISWx20, merkin x10, CFx10
Sprint to the sidewalk out of the track

Curb crawls 4 to 1
Mary – Flutter kicks x20, APDx10, 1 leg APDx8 each, cross leg lift x10 each
Back to the SF (courtesy of DK) COT and Wilson took us out.


Welcome to Velcro, and well done Bobber, EHing a FNG after 1 week in the gloom.  Looking for more guys out of that Hallsley neighborhood.  Some untapped potential for F3 Richmond in western Chesterfield.

Lugnut, not typically LIFO, caught us on the back end of the warm up lap of the bus loop.  Bobber had his back seize up on him during the warm up lap but pushed through the warm-a-rama and loosened it up.

DK seemed a little disappointed that the curb crawls only went up at first but YHC brought them back at the end.  What comes up must come down.  YHC wanted to try a little speed work ala Johnsonville and appreciates the PAX accommodating.  Wilson was excited  and pulled ahead when YHC gave the direction to sprint to the sidewalk and not the full 400 yds he may have been expecting.

May the Fourth be with you.



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  1. Speed work and Gumbo have never been a strong match. I too was happy to skip the 400 yard “sprint” but the curb “and a half” crawl wasn’t much better. Strong beatdown, Rosie. Welcome Velcro.

  2. Nice job Rosie. Needed to get some running in! Welcome Velcro. It will be hard to find anyone who can perform balls to the wall as well as you do.