Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Adrian Sighting


A PAX of one posted at RVA’s newest AO, slightly less than 4.5 hours from #NoToll.  Quick 1.5 mile stroll to the Art Museum for a Rocky inspired beatdown.  Circle up around the Washington monument for COP.


– Imperial Walker x20
– Copperhead Squat x20
– Arm Circles x15 forward and backward
– Russian Soldiers x20

The Thang

11s on the steps of the Art Museum.  Merkins / WWII situps.  Run 2 steps at a time going up and 1 step at a time coming down.  Start with 10 merkins and 1 WWII then work way down to 1/10.  For the record there were 72 steps to get to the top.

Mosey to the bronze Rocky statue for modified tabatas.  4 sets of jump knee tucks followed by 4 sets of dips on the park bench.

Mosey back to the steps for 1 final Rocky inspired run up the steps, this time 3 steps at a time, 20 american hammers at the top, back down and 20 american hammers at the bottom.

Stroll back to center city and the virtual shovel flag.


YHC couldn’t go a whole week without an F3 inspired workout so decided to throw one in the mix in rainy/gloomy Philadelphia.  YHC tried to EH a few tourists as they were taking selfies in front of the steps and rocky statue, no luck.  Many odd looks were received, especially during 11s.

If you make it to Philly it’s worth a trip to the Art Museum.

See everyone in the gloom.

Splinter out.



  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Now that is corporate right there baby – well done Splinter!

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Well done Splinter. And thanks for getting the rocky theme stuck in my head.