Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Little Baby Glory (LBG)


Well on a stormy morning 13 men were out to play hard.  This is my first Q so I hope you all are a little beaten down in a good way.   Its was a honor to lead these men today. So here is what went down:


5 minutes of chiropractic approved warn up

Than LBG: 35 minutes: start off by running 2 labs than 20 merkins run to then next corner 10 jump squats, run to the next corner 20 LBCs run to the next corner 10 mountain climbers.

Ring of Mary/Sally 30, 60, 90 degree holds for merkins and flutter kicks while we ran around the ring.

Finish: ran back to the flag: huddle and pray

Thanks men; this has been a life inspiring 6 months, I am blessed to know each and everyone of you my brothers in Life!!!

See you in the Gloom!




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  1. Sorry I missed Flash Dance’s VQ. Got a sick kid. That’s my excuse and sticking with it.

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    I will take the full Old Glory any day over LBG. That wore me out, nice work Flashdance. Looking forward to more Chiro-approved beatdowns from you…

  3. Well done Flash Dance. Nothing “little” or “baby” about that glory. The exercises piled up quickly, especially the merkins.

    Here’s to hoping Swirly’s neighbors were not yet awake when he got home!

  4. Aside from 30 degree temps, this morning was the epitome of everything I both love and hate about the gloom, including 45 minutes of glorious suck. Well done Flashdance!

  5. Döner Kebab on

    Nice Q, Flashdance. I’m spent. TClaps to those guys in the lead who lapped the rest of us!

  6. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent beatdown Flashdance – congrats on a successful VQ!I like the LBG- even in the rain – way to work guys..
    Not sure I’ve completely dried off yet…
    See y’all in the gloom.
    Well Gumbo I got out of my truck and the only words I heard were – Holy mother of god get in the house you idiot – that voice luckily was my conscience not my neighbors or even worse my wife and kids 🙂

  7. Sorry to have missed your VQ. Now I know where everyone else was this morning (not at UR).

    Well done….Mazel tov!