Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I wonder if Copernicus ever had these problems


6 showed for a moderately damp run around UR. This is what transpired:

5 mile run not counting runs to and/or from the AO. Covered many hills around the university – too many to count or name.

YTC wondered where all the regulars were until he recalled that today was FlashDance’s VQ – congratulations man. Kudos to Marv and Sippy for making the 3 mile run to the AO. Found out later that our FNG had missed them at their starting point so he just drove on over. (Could have turned around and gone home, but this guy had the persistence and fortitude to track us down…thus named Copernicus). A hearty welcome to F3 Copernicus…look forward to seeing you again!

One PAX had a seeeerious restroom need. All I’ll say is that we are all fortunate he found a port-o-john a short distance into the run. The (almost) inevitable alternative would have been frowned-up by the U of R grounds-keeping staff.

Anyway, we had a quick circle-up and YHC caught a run back to Westham with Pucker.

See you in the gloom everyone.

Saab out


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  1. Nice run guys. Good pace…pack generally stayed together and I enjoyed the conversation. Next time we will venture beyond the boundaries.

    Saab abides.

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Sounds like a great run. Sorry to have missed it. Honestly, it could not have been harder than notoll and there is no way i could have gotten any wetter!