Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Happy Anniversary


Mother Nature graced us with the perfect gloom this morning as two faithful eagerly greeted the rain drops for a beatdown that went down like this:

Mosey to grassy area near first parking lot for COP.

Invisible Jump Ropes x 23 (forgot to stop counting), Arm Circles Forward Little/Big x 10/5, Arm Circles Backwards Little/Big x 10/5, Don Quxoite x 20

Start at first lamp post and alternate exercises until last lamp post behind baseball field.  Exercises were merkins x 10 and squats x 10.

Mosey to parking lot near football field.  Touch a tree x 1,3,5 with the same number of burpees as the tree you were touching.

Mosey to bus loop at elementary school for Dora 123.  Partners complete 100 dips, 200 two count flutterkicks, 300 LBCs alternating while other partner runs bus loop.

Abacus Q – Side straddle run half way around bus loop, regular run half way around bus loop, other side straddle run half way around bus loop, backwards run half way around bus loop.

Jog back to shovel flag.

COT.  Abacus took us out with a prayer.

YHC signed up to Q this morning for purely personal reasons.  Today is YHC and YHC Ms 19th wedding anniversary.  I figured if I signed up to Q, I would not forget the importance of the date.  Mission Accomplished.  F3 RVA is all about Fitness, Fellowship, Faith and helping the PAX members remembers dates.

Small PAX this morning at DaVille, but YHC and Abacus attacked the gloom with all we had.  Abacus definitely pushed YHC, and for that YHC is grateful.  My original plan was to introduce Old Glory to the regulars at DaVille, but with the small PAX, YHC audibled to a workout that covered the entire back of the property.  With Flashdance VQ, LBG, it would have been perfect.  Don’t worry, Old Glory will make an appearance at DaVille.  (It is a Tuesday after all.)With the fields soggy, we stayed on the road that runs from the high school to the elementary school and returned the same way.  Who new that the entire run back was an incline that proved to be the perfect way to purge the lungs and end a great workout.

Great way to start the day.

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  1. Flashdance on

    Wow great work men, that sounds like a real hum dinger way to start Tuesday!!!