Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Blue Sky


The Thang

Five seasoned trail runners departed and headed east on the North Bank Trail to the Texas Beach bridge. Heading west and running along the river – we passed the Nickel Bridge, the train bridge, and just after Powhite we turned and came back to the VSF.

Other the the overcast skies, today felt like the Allman Brothers song “Blue Sky” as we were consistently in proximity to the rambling river and streams. The birds were aplenty and we caught five deer off guard as they bolted across our path through the woods with one diving into the stream.

As we went west of the pump house, we had to blaze our own trail for the most part. I am sure it will be overgrown and impassable in a month’s time. We kept going and made it pretty far west just beyond Willow Oaks on the other side of the river. We turned around at this point. I could see a path continue further, but we would most likely keep taking it until we hit the Huguenot Bridge. Sometimes it is best to know when to turn around versus peering around another bend.

YHC took us out. 2nd F at ET.


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  1. It was great to explore some new territory with such a fine group of people (or as TYA aptly described it… “4 idiots and a child”. Shout out to TSB for helping to lead the pack. Particularly enjoyed post-run hangout at ET.