Saturday, January 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Did he say 3?


11 faithful made their way through the Arts in the Park traffic closures to post at Dopgile on a beautiful spring morning. 50 degrees and cloudy but hints of light as the PAX got started at 6. It went down as:

COP – 25 SSH, 10 Merkins, 20 Freddy Ms, 15 DQs.

Mosey to pole line for Pole Smoker Indian Run. Then line up on road for Burpee Road, this time 3 burpees per street light, for a total of 60 burpees.

Mosey to other circle – 100 LBCs OYO. Mosey around tents (and junk food vendor signs) to Pull-Up Bars:
5 down to 1 of : Pull Ups & Chin Ups. Finish up with 15 Dips.

Mosey down pipeline hill to Pump house road – Bear Crawls up to 6 and back down.

Mosey up PH road to Toll Booth for Boulder Merkin Indian Run – PAX planks on boulders lining the road, 10 merkins for end PAX and rotate along. Bonus of 10 Merkins for all PAX when a car passed by on the road.

Mosey to grass near flag for 5 min mary – Hells 2 Heaven, APDs – horizontal version, Cross Leg Lifts, & American Hammer. Finish with Burpee Shuffle, but instead of saying Burpee each PAX calls out a number between 1-3 and then PAX does that # of burpees. Roughly 25 burpees total.

So good to have Chesney back for a RVA beatdown. Good work this morning!

YHC used a lot more of the AO this AM as the Arts in the Park tents took up most of the main area. As the PAX split the road to take on Burpee Road there was some confusion as to the # of burpees per streetlight. Wilson asked a few times if he heard “3” correctly. With the 10 min of Burpees and slaughter starter craze at other AOs YHC hoped to start off the beatdown with a heaping helping of burpees.

The PAX knocked out the Pull Ups with determination, this is a weak point for YHC but loves to see the Dogpile regulars take the challenge on each week. The most mumblechatter of the beatdown was during the Curb crawls on Pumphouse road. THe section of road seemed to be at least 4 lanes wide as the PAX took it on in stride. There was confusion as the PAX ran past Love Hill and up the hill to the main road.

The audible to have the PAX all do 10 merkins as a car passed was painful as there was way more traffic than usual at 6:45 on Saturday morning. Still the PAX worked their way up the hill. On the altered Burpee shuffle most went with 3 Burpees, making for a strong finish. No slacking at Dogpile. Again Coffee at ETs is a highlight of the week for YHC and glad to have the fellowship. Glad to see Garbage plate come by for ET, although for more measured breakfast than his namesake.

Announcements – Flashdance has his VQ at NoToll on Tuesday and Chum Bucket has Q at Punisher on Monday. At ETs Wilson committed to the BRR, we have witness who can attest to the authenticity of this claim no matter what he says.

Pleasure as always to take the lead this morning at Dogpile.


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  1. Great Q today! If I recall the conversation it was more like I’ll check with Wilson’s wife for event planning and schedule clearance. Unfortunately it is not looking good for Wilson’s participation in the BRR. Sorry fellas! I also think the ET time is great. See you all in the gloom soon for hopefully no more burpees or curb crawls!

  2. A Honeydo beatdown is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get.

    Correction, I personally DID NOT take the curb crawl in stride. Absolutely awful. Saab struggled to abide.

    Shout out to Sippy Cup. No matter what the number of pull ups, that guy shoots for full-extension…no cutting corners there.

  3. What a nice beginning, mid and late slaughter of the pax. Great job HD!! Always have so many laughs at ETs my highlight of the week for sure!!!

  4. Great Q today Honeydo. Those curb crawls and rock derkin/plans were really tough. My upper body has been feeling it all day.

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great Q Honeydo – crazy long distance curb crawls .. Rock derkins – wow !
    Good work guys …
    See y’all in the gloom