Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Three Posted Note Run


8 Spider Run faithfuls and 1 new to the Spider Run gathered on a perfect spring morning. The “three posted route” from last week was revisited with a twist. To keep the Pax together, the lead group would run to the first waypoint and double back to the Pax’s six. The next waypoint would be given and repeat the run and return.

The Thang:
West to the baseball field and up to the Robin’s Center. Up the hill by the stadium and climb Snake Hill to Three Chopt. Take Honaker to Patterson. Right on Patterson and head east to Maple at the Pizza Hut.

Right on Maple to Grove. Right on Grove to the road in front of the churches. Take this to St Christopher’s Road. Take the trail through St Christopher’s School and come out on Wesley.

Wesley to Hanover westbound to Three Chopt. Cross Three Chopt and take Bandy Road back to the trail down the hill. Come out on the road and then take a left on the trail through the woods to emerge at the UR entrance.

Take Campus Drive to the UR main entrance and hang a right to finish on a fast downhill.

Mileage: 5.21

Marv took us out.

Despite attempts to keep the Pax together, Marv and Sippy Cup in the lead pack disappeared less than a quarter mile into the run. Thankfully the rest of the Pax stuck together and no one got lost.

Lot’s of runner activity out this morning, including a “Hey Roger” from Fudd’s Fan Club. That man is an institution in these parts it seems.

Today’s route was a lot of fun. Some hills, some trail, lit city streets, and a great opportunity to run on some roads I have never run on before.

It was great to see Pucker out today. I hope to see him come out often….or we will be ringing his doorbell en route.

Well Done!


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  1. Missed you all. Glad to hear you made it through the 3rd post-it-note without getting misplaced.